Amy Waters Davidson

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Amy Waters Davidson

Amy Waters Davidson is the mother of American Comedian, actor, writer, and producer Pete Davidson.

She worked as the school nurse at Xaverian High School, located in Brooklyn.

Married to Scott Davidson 

Amy was married to Scott Matthew Davidson. Scott was predominantly of Jewish ancestry, and Amy is of Irish origin. 

Amy Waters Davidson husband, Scott Davidson
Amy Waters Davidson husband, Scott Davidson  Source: Instagram

Her husband was a school teacher, firefighter, basketball coach, athlete, bartender, and baseball player.

The couple has two children together, a son and a daughter. 

Their eldest son's name is Peter Michael Davidson, and their youngest child is a daughter, and her name is Casey Davidson.

Casey was born in November 1997. She is active on Instagram with huge fan followings. She has 31.1k followers on her Instagram.

Amy Waters Davidson children son Peter Davidson and Casey Davidson 
Amy Waters Davidson children son Peter Davidson and Casey Davidson   Source: Instagram

About Son 

Peter was born on November 18, 1993, on Staten Island, New York.

He is the only son in the Davidson family. He was raised Catholic.

Amy Waters Davidson with her two children
Amy Waters Davidson with her two children    Source: Instagram

He graduated his high school back in 2011. But he didn't complete his college education.

He joined college but left college after one semester. After dropping out of college, he decided to pursue his career as a full-time comedian. 

He knew he had talent in this profession back at sixteen when he took his first stage as a dared given by his friends.

It was his best decision, after all. He was nominated for The Comedy Movie Star of 2020.

He had more than forty tattoos all his body parts. 

Son Engagement with Ariana Grande

After dating flew celebrities from 2014 to 2018, Pete started dating singer Ariana Grande.

Back in 2018 May, the couples started dating and created a strong bond.

After two months of dating, the couple confirmed that they were engaged in a short dating period.

But the engagement didn't last long. The couples called off their engagement in October 2018.

His ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande titled "Pete Davidson" in her 2018 album Sweetener.

After getting engaged in a short period of dating and calling it off, Pete also became part of his ex-girlfriend's hit song "Thank u Next."

In her song, Ariana referenced Pete by saying in the lyric, "Even almost got married and for Pete I'm so thankful."

Currently, Pete is dating gorgeous actress Phoebe Dynevor but couple hasn't confirmed it yet.

Death of Beloved Husband

Her husband began his career as a firefighter in 1994

On the black day of September 11, 2011, Scott passed away when he was in his duty. 

During the 9/11 attack, just before the Marriott World Trade Center collapsed, Scott was last seen running up the stairs of the same building.

It was such a devastating moment for her family and her loved ones. Their children were too young at that time. Amy raised her two children alone afterward. 

Peter was only seven years old at the time of his death. His father's death highly impacted him.

In 2016 October, he revealed on his morning radio show that he had suicidal thoughts after his father death. He was suffered from mental illness and had a really hard time. 

He has his father's badge number 8418 tattooed on his arm. 

Amy's children are so proud of their father. 

Amy Waters Davidson husband Scott Davidson with son Pete Davidson
Amy Waters Davidson husband Scott Davidson with son Pete Davidson  Source: Instagram

A hilarious moment in the show 

Amy’s son Pete gave an interview to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” hosted by Jimmy, where he talked about his new role and some moments. 

The conversation started with a hilarious memory which was recalled by Pete when he fell off when Machine Gun Kelly tried to lift him up. 

At the end of the episode, they said bye to everyone and were enjoying it then suddenly Machine Gun came and lifted him. 

As a result, they both fell from the stage as Machine Gun Kelly had injured his butt bone but completely forgot about that. 

That was a very funny moment they had, and because of that, Pete received so many messages in which he was asked if he wasn’t dead. 

Then Jimmy started a conversation about Pete’s dog. Pete then told that he has three dogs. Pete has a very busy schedule, and when he brought his first dog home, he had to leave for his work. 

His mom was there in Pete’s house, so she pampered the dog, and when he returned, the dog showed no affection to him. 

So because of that, Pete brought the second dog but again had to leave for his work, so he left it with his sister thinking that the dog wouldn’t be close to his sister but when he returned the same thing happened to him. 

So he brought a third dog and kept it with him. Pete will be playing the role of Joey Romone. He got the offer of this role two years, and he is now about to play it. 

Before, he thought it was just some kind of stupid call, but now he is actually about to play it, for which he is excited.

Sharing house with mom and sister

Pete Davidson interviewed in the famous show named "Saturday Night Live." 

There he shared about sharing a house with his mom. Pete Davidson gave this interview in 2019, and at that time, he was 25 years old. 

He opened up that people might take him as a weird person as he was 25 years and still living with his mom. 

He said that he bought the house with his mom. People of his age buy a house for their mom, but he and his mom bought a house together. 

His mom is not only his mom, but she is also a homie and a roommate to his because they both share a house and room. 

For him, 2019's Mother's Day was really special because his mom became his homie that year as they shared their house. 

If he had bought his house on his own, he would have lived there alone. 

His sister was also living with him and his mom, which was another weirdest and saddest thing for him because his sister was 21.

Pete then opens up about being caught by his mom and sister while masturbating, and they say nothing, and they live closing the door and do carry on with their work. 

Pete spoke about teenage boys caught by their moms during self-pleasing and opening and also said that those teenagers' moms might happy inside after catching their son while masturbating and think their son had grown up. 

After he ended up doing things, his mom also showed her appearance in that interview.

That interview was really fun, and people enjoyed it.

Net Worth and Earnings 

Her net worth is unknown, while her son's net worth is structured below:

 Amy Waters DavidsonPete Davidson (son) 
Net worth Unknown $6 million 
Income Unknown American Comedian, actor, writer, and producer

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. She was born in 1966, and her current age is fifty-five years old.
  2. Her height and weight have not been disclosed.
  3. Her nationality is American.

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