Casey Davidson

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Casey Davidson

Casey Davidson is the younger sister of Pete Davidson, an American comedian, actor, producer and writer. 

Her mother name is Amy Davidson is a nurse. She lost her father, Scott Matthew Davidson, during an attack. 

She is a social media star and has many followers. She used to play basketball in her college. 

She graduated from Marist College. Casey is an American citizen by her nationality.

Casey Davidson with her father
Casey Davidson with her father   Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Pete Davidson

Pete was in a relationship with Carly Aquilino previously. They dated for a year and broke up. 

After that, he dated Cazzie David. Their relationship ended just after dating for two years

Pete then started dating Ariana Grande, a well-known singer. They had a good relationship with each other. 

They announced getting engaged to each other in the same year when they dated, but it was canceled later.

In 2019 he dated Kate Beckinsale. As Kate was 20 years senior to him, he was trolled enough because of their huge age gap. 

So they broke up. After that, he dated Kala Gerber for a year and then ended their relationship.  

Pete then got into a relationship with Phoebe Dynevor in 2021. They dated for about five months and broke up. 

As of today, Pete is single as he broke up with Phoebe on 21 August.  

Casey Davidson with her brother Pete
Casey Davidson with her brother Pete  Source: Instagram 

About Pete Davidson 

Pete’s full name is Peter Michael Davidson is an American actor, comedian, producer and writer who was born on 16 November 1993.

He is the son of Amy Water and the late Scott Mathew Davidson. His mother raised him with his younger sister Casey

He lost his father during an attack as he was a firefighter. He started his career as a comedian when he was 16 years old. 

He has shown his presence in Guy Code, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Failosophy. He is currently a part of the SNL show as a cast member. 

Pete Davidson Took Weed To Cure His Disease

Peter is widely known for his performances in “Saturday Night Live.” People don’t know that he suffered from a disease from his teenage.

He suffered from Crohn’s disease. Due to this disease, it was difficult for him to maintain his weight and energy as he needed to eat much food. 

Even though he ate a lot, his body weight didn’t increase, and his energy drained. 

He suffered from the disease when he was 17 years old. At one point, he needed a full bed rest as he was fully drained of energy and couldn’t step out of bed. 

For the solution to his disease, he chose weed. Weed made him eat less, and it also helped him stay energetic. It helps him to control his symptoms.

He always uses weed before his performance in Saturday Night Live.


Casey was born in 1997, and her current age is 24 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Pete is $6 Million. His source of income is as being a professional comedian, actor and producer. 

His yearly income is estimated to be $315,000.

Pete Davidson Went To Rehab

Pete had Crohn’s disease from his childhood, but it was unknown that he was suffering from Bloodline Personality Disorder

He stayed depressed and angry and didn’t know what to do. He even didn’t know what was happening to him. 

Some strange thoughts and suicidal thoughts used to come in his mind. 

For this, he even stopped taking weed, but it was not of any help. 

He visited rehab thinking it was a mental issue, but it didn’t help either. 

But in 2017, he was found out to be dealing with BPD. After BPD diagnosis, he was relieved and overcame it slowly.

Casey Davidson with her mom
Casey Davidson with her mom   Source: Instagram

Is Pete Davidson Telepathically Married?

In 2021, A woman appeared in Pete’s house in his absence. 

The neighbors said that he was not there, but the woman entered the house through the window. 

This was not the first time for her. She was stalking Pete for a long time and sending him letters. 

Not only this, but she sent him gifts too. The neighbors then called cops, and the cops arrested the lady. 

Her name was found out to be Michelle Mootreddy. She said that she and Pete were in love telepathically and are married in the same way. 

This silly reason was pointed baseless by the judge, and she was warned to stay away from Pete and his family.

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