Who Is Andrea Nako Koci? Mother Of Ava Max

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Who Is Andrea Nako Koci? Mother Of Ava Max

Andrea Nako Koci is the mother of famous American singer and songwriter Ava Max. 

She is the wife of Pavllo Koci. She has two children named Ava and Denis. She was born on the year 1962

She is Albanian-American by her nationality. 

Andrea Nako Koci's husband Pavllo Koci and daughter Ava Max
Andrea Nako Koci's husband Pavllo Koci and daughter Ava Max Source: Facebook

Daughter's Relationship Status

Ava does not have a boyfriend as of now.

Andrea Nako Koci's daughter Ava Max
Andrea Nako Koci's daughter Ava Max Source: Instagram


Andrea was born in 1962, and her current age is 60 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ava is $4 Million. Singing and songwriting are her sources of income.

Story Behind The Name Ava

Ava's real name is Amanda Koci.

She changed her name to Ava Max, and she got that name while she was doing pranks on her brother. 

While in school, many girls had the same name as her, and she was fed up with that name. 

She was done with the name Amanda, and she wanted to change it. 

Ava opened up that she and her brother had a relationship like Tom and Jerry

They used to keep on fighting, and one day, she thought of pranking him, and she made her fake account. 

She and her brother were really small at that time. 

She also made a fake profile using the image of a girl with big booty as her brother liked those types of girls. 

She then started talking to him. 

After some time, she went to her brother and said she was behind that fake profile. 

She created fake profile using name, Ava Marie Charles

She liked that name and thought of using it as her name, Ava

She then felt Ava was incomplete, and as she loved the name Max she thought of using that name, and that's how her name Ava Max came.

Fun Facts About Ava

Ava, in an interview, shared some of the exciting things about her personal life in Billboard. 

Ava had a normal childhood like other child does till she was 14.

She grew up in Virginia, but later she moved to California to achieve her dream. 

She opened up about one of her guilty pleasures, which was chocolate cake. 

Talking about chocolate cake, she says that she sometimes eats it because her body doesn't allow her to take sugar. 

The very first concert she went to was of Beyoncé's, and she enjoyed the concert and got inspired. Because of that concert, her whole life changed. 

She also talked about Jennifer Lawrence as she was a big fan of her, and she has such a strong character that she would be perfect for playing her role. 

She talked about the star stuck moment she had when she met Pharrell at the airport. 

She was only 11 years old when she met him, and she was amazed seeing him as she loved him a lot. 

She felt that Pharrell was a lovely person.

Gained Weight In Pandemic

In an interview, Ava opened up that she doesn't do much exercise. 

While giving that interview, she said that she had meniscus teared up. She was not working out at that time. 

Back in a pandemic, she gained 40 pounds, and the reason behind that was unhealthy eating. 

She used to eat chips and salsa as her breakfast. 

She got that organic salsa from a gallon and opened up that she is much into eating organic foods rather than others. 

But later, she realized that chips are not organic. 

She was eating a lot during the pandemic and never missed any meal. 

She also takes supplements, and as she doesn't go out, she takes Vitamin D supplements.

Faced Sexual Harassments

Ava opened up that she was harassed by a producer when she was young. 

She said that she was about to get raped by a producer. 

She didn't disclose the person's name, but she said that she was taken into a room and was locked over there. 

That person was trying to have sex with her, but she managed to get out of there, luckily. 

The person trying to harass her thought that she was young and won't understand anything, but she knew their intention and safely got out from there.

Andrea Nako Koci with her daughter Ava Max
Andrea Nako Koci with her daughter Ava Max Source: Instagram

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