Who Is Pavllo Koci? Father Of Ava Max

by Manisha Wed Mar 23 2022 Updated On Wed Jun 07 2023
Who Is Pavllo Koci? Father Of Ava Max

Pavllo Koci is the son of Dionis Koci. His father was an actor and comedian. Pavllo was a pianist

He was born in Albania, but later, he came to the United States. His wife's name is Andrea Nako Koci

He has two children, Ava and Denis. He is known as the father of American singer and songwriter Ava Max.

Pavllo Koci's wife Andrea Nako Koci and daughter Ava Max
Pavllo Koci's wife Andrea Nako Koci, and daughter Ava Max Source: Twitter

Is Pavllo’s Daughter Ava Married Or Dating Someone?

Ava does not have a boyfriend.

Pavllo Koci's daughter Ava Max
Pavllo Koci's daughter Ava Max Source: Instagram

Everything About Ava

She was born and raised in Virginia. She went to California to chase her dream at the age of 14

Her guilty pleasure is chocolate cake. 

The first concert she ever attended was the Beyoncé concert which changed her life. She admire Jennifer Lawrence

She still can’t believe she is on the Billboard chart. 

The first time she got star struck was when she met Pharrell at the airport. 

If she could ever cover with any artist, then she would love to do it with Cardi B.

Her musical inspiration is Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Whitney Houston, and Maria Carey.

All the big names from the 80s and 90s. She started making music at the age of 10

She was gifted with a sense of music. She can make music and beat within a day. 


Pavllo was born in 1957, and his current age is 65 years old.

Net Worth

Ava's net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2022. All her earnings are from her singing career. 

She also has a YouTube channel where she has millions of subscribers. YouTube is also another source of her income. 

Her monthly income is $45,000, and she earns around $540,000 per annum

Eva Talks About Her Top 10 Essential

In an interview with GQ, she talks about 10 things she can’t live without. The first thing is her coffee. 

She makes espresso and adds oat milk and a bit of sugar to it. 

The second thing is gum as she wanted to have fresh breath. 

She is always hungry, so she carries pistachio with her. It’s her favorite among all nuts. 

The third thing would be her Chanel hand lotion. She loves moisturizing her hands. 

Like any girl, she always carries lipstick. Air pods are her best friend. She loves to listen to music in her air pods. 

She has air pods in her ear wherever she goes, mostly to the grocery store. She loves to wear heels. 

The only time she is seen without a heel is when she go to the gym. She thinks that she is born with heels. 

She likes to be in the dark. Sunlight trigger her headache so see always wear sunglasses during the daytime. 

She carry not only one or two sunglasses but 7 to 8 shades with her. 

She also carries some cash in case of an emergency. She carries 20 dollars with her. 

The last and most important thing is her cell phone.

Ava’s Mom Was Also A Singer

Her mom was an opera singer. She used to have a beautiful voice. 

She could not give attention to her singing dream as she was a dedicated mother and immigrants in the states and had to work hard and get a job to earn money to raise her kids.

Pavllo Koci's daughters Ava Max and Jade Max
Pavllo Koci's daughter Ava Max and his granddaughter Jade Source: Instagram

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