Who Is Andrew Shingange? Brother Of Noah Trevor

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Who Is Andrew Shingange? Brother Of Noah Trevor

Andrew Shingange was born and brought up in Johannesburg, Africa. His father is Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, and his mother is Patricia Noah

He is known because of his celebrity brother, Trevor Noah, who is an actor, producer, comedian and Tv show presenter.

He has one brother and his name is Issac Shingange. Andrew grew up with his two siblings.

Andrew Shingange's mother Patricia Noah and brother Trevor Noah
Andrew Shingange's mother Patricia Noah and brother Trevor Noah Source: Instagram

Is Andrew’s Brother Noah Dating Someone?

Noah’s girlfriend is Mina Kelly, who is an actress. They started dating back in 2019

They were in a serious relationship and were looking to buy a house in LA but broke up a year later due to their work as they could not spend quality time with each other, and both of them were quite busy and focused on their career. 

Lately, they have been seen together again. It seems that the couple has reconciled and is working on their relationship. 

They also lived together in their initial days of dating.

They have been spending time with each other, which can be confirmed through their social media.

Trevor Noah with his girlfriend Mina Kelly
Trevor Noah with his girlfriend Mina Kelly Sources: Parade

Noah’s Past Relationship

Noah was in relationships with several celebrities in his past before he dated Mina

He has dated musician and physiotherapist Dani Gabriel in 2014. She is also from South Africa

They both travelled to South Africa and lived there for a while as Noah was on tour for his work.  

When Noah was appointed as the new host of The Daily Show. He has to move back to New York City and work full time.

This was the main reason behind their break up, as the couple could not maintain a long-distance relationship. 

After he shifted to New York, he began dating singer and model Jordyn Taylor

They were seen attending many events together and also walked the red carpet together. 

But their relationship also came to an end back in 2018

Taylor confirmed her split with Noah a year later through her Instagram when a fan asked about how to deal with a bad split. 

Noah’s Mom Got Arrested For Being With His Dad 

Noah gave an interview on “The Ellen Show” where he talked about his childhood. At the beginning of the interview, Ellen appreciated Noah for being so funny on the show that he had been hosting. 

Noah is hosting “The Daily Show, and the way he’s hosting the show makes people hard to believe that he has only been on TV for few times. 

Noah opened up that he only hosted two shows in the USA, and that was “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and "The Late Night Show with Letterman.”

Hosting The Daily Show has been one of the great experiences for Noah. Ellen then talked about her visiting South Africa, so she asked Noah about his childhood. 

Noah was raised in South Africa, and he said that his childhood was very normal, just like other kids. 

He opened up about going to his grandmom’s house, and there they didn’t have an attached bathroom. They had outdoor toilets, and as a child, it was one of the interesting things for him. 

He never felt that he was poor, although he was because of the environment that he grew up in. Everyone was poor, so it didn't hit him. 

Although everyone was poor, they enjoyed laughing together, and according to him, laughing was a great way to deal with poverty. 

He was born to a white dad and a black mom, and Ellen asked if he had a problem growing up with that. 

Noah opened up that when he was a child, his mom got scared to hold his hand in public because of the difference in skin color between her and her son. 

But he never took it in a negative way he used to think that his mom left his hand because she was independent and found it cool. 

The color difference between his mom and dad made no difference to Noah, but because of that, his parents did suffered a lot. 

His mom also got arrested many times just because she was with his dad. Noah never faced any negative things during his childhood, and he grew up quite normally.

Trevor left the job?

Trevor gave an interview to the TODAY podcast. In the interview, he talked about his reason for leaving his job, his new project, and many more. 

Noah has worked as the host of The Daily Show for seven years. He had a great experience working, but in 2022 he said goodbye to the show. 

He revealed that the hard part of leaving The Daily Show is saying goodbye to the people with whom he had worked for so long. 

He shared ideas and jokes and worked as a team with the people on the show. 

He was really terrified of leaving the show, and he shared that he was also very scared when he joined the show and nervous about it. 

He opened up that every person gets scared when they are doing the thing that's worth doing so. If someone is not scared of doing something, that means they don't have worth about the thing. 

Noah then talked about his interview with Will Smith and said that Will inspired him to be a better human being. 

Everyone in the world is struggling through something, so it's better to show humanity to every person. 

He explained that his reason behind leaving the show was to balance his personal life. He has worked so long, and he actually learned to balance professional and professional life. 

He now wants to give more time to his personal life, and with his new comedy show, Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would.

He wants to make sure that he doesn't get busy with his new project so that he can give more time to his personal life. 


His brother Noah is 38 years old.

Net Worth

Noah's net worth is estimated to be $35 million. All of his earning is from his standup comedy and tv show

Noah Was Crazy About Computer

When Noah saw a brand new computer for the first time, he was amazed and asked what it was, to which his mom replied a future. 

He asked his mother how to use it, and his mother told him to learn and figure it out on his own.  

He was just 11 years old at that time. The first thing he did on his computer was type and nothing else. 

One day he typed DIR and pressed enter and showed a lot of files, and he used to do the same thing every time and scroll only. 

Later he figured out how to use the computer on his own, and his life changed. 

He fell in love with computers and built his own Riggs. 

When he was in high school, he learned to pirate CDs with the help of his friend. 

He still makes his own computer and gaming rigs. 

He also talked about his visit to a Microsoft headquarter to speak about his book. 

He met the technician and had a great time there. 

Microsoft offered to give him a computer for the children in South Africa, and he got all the credits for that.

Dane Chappelle Called Trevor And Commanded Him To Do Comedy

During the summer, Noah started doing comedy at his house. It was not his decision to do comedy. 

It was Dane who called him and asked to do comedy. 

At first, he thought that it was a joke, but later, he realized that he was serious about the comedy thing.

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