Who Is Patricia Noah? Mother Of Trevor Noah

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Who Is Patricia Noah? Mother Of Trevor Noah

Patricia Noah is the mother of South African comedian Trevor Noah. Her husband's name is Sfiso Khoza.

Trevor is Patricia's child with Robert Noah, whose birthday is 20th February. Patricia has two children besides Trevor; they are Andrew Shingange and Isaac Shingange

She is an African citizen.

Patricia Noah's ex-husband Robert Noah and son Trevor Noah
Patricia Noah's ex-husband Robert Noah and son Trevor Noah Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Patricia

Patricia is married to Sfiso Khoza. Their wedding took place in 2009. It was Patricia's third marriage. 

Patricia was already married two times before that. She was first married to Robert, who was white. 

Their relationship was not accepted. But they together gave birth to Trevor

In 1992, Patricia tied the knot with Ngisaveni Abel Shingange; she had two children with him. 

Abel used to abuse both Trevor and Patricia; hence, they divorced in 1996.

Patricia Noah with son Trevor Noah
Patricia Noah with son Trevor Noah Source: Instagram

Her husband shot Patricia

Patricia had enough of her ex-husband's violence, so she separated from him. 

But her ex-husband didn't let her live in peace. 

After Patricia married Khoza, her ex-husband Shingange shot her in the leg and back of her head. 

Luckily, the bullet passed by her head without damaging crucial organs. 

He even threatened her, and hence, she left Johannesburg and moved to Los Angeles.


Trevor is 38 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Trevor is $100 Million. His main source of income comes as being a comedian and TV personality.

Trevor Sued The Hospital

Trevor went through medical surgery in a New York City hospital. 

But he claimed that after surgery, he suffered from permanent and severe injury. 

He hence filed cased against the hospital. 

Moreover, he also revealed that he was not taken care properly, and the treatment was not carried out with much concern. 

He also added that his medicines were not discontinued, and he was not made clear about anything. 

He expressed that doctors and the hospital did not carry out the standard treatment. 

He also revealed the carelessness of the hospital during diagnosis and other treatments. 

While Noah claims many things, the hospital, on the other hand, denied everything and called his claims meritless.

Patricia Noah's son Trevor NoahPatricia Noah son Trevor Noah
Patricia Noah's son Trevor Noah  Source: Instagram

Trevor Was Disappointed

Trevor had a show in Colorado at a time. He booked a flight from United Airlines, and they made him choose his seat. 

He then chose a window seat. But when he reached the airport, he was informed that his seat was broken. 

He came out of his house, prepared to stay in the window seat. He had that attitude built up from his home. 

But later, he got a middle seat. 

He has no problem with the middle seat, but he didn't come with the mentality of sitting in the middle seat. 

He stated that it's a war when people have to sit in the middle seat as getting an armrest was problematic, and he said it was a game of mentality. 

He hence tweeted his disappointment on his Twitter account.

Love For Computers 

Trevor said in an interview that he has a different love for computers. He builds his gaming rigs and stuff. 

He was just in his early 10s when he first saw a computer. His mother brought a laptop for him. 

He didn't know what it was and how it worked. Neither did his mother knew. 

At first, he would see the blinking dot, and as time passed, he started to get the dots. 

His friend taught him to pirate CDs in high school, and he said that he was perfect at it. 

He loved it. His mother bought it as it was people's future, and she wanted Trevor to be more futuristic. 

Trevor said that the computer was magic.

His Mother Doesn't Care About Popularity 

Trevor revealed that even though he is now an international celebrity, his mother doesn't care. 

Not only about him, but his mother doesn't care about any celebrity. 

He revealed that his mother still calls him to fix her computer even though he is far away. 

The only celebrity that she believes in is Jesus, according to Trevor

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