Anna Decoste – Meet Ex-Wife Of Late Terry Carter

by Pragya Wed Apr 24 2024 Updated On Thu Apr 25 2024
Anna Decoste – Meet Ex-Wife Of Late Terry Carter

Anna DeCoste is the former wife of late American actor and filmmaker Terry Carter

She married Terry back in 1964 and they were together until their divorce in 1990. 

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Who is Anna’s ex-husband Terry? 

Terry was a former actor and a film producer. 

He was well known for his appearance in the series McCloud as Sgt. Joe Broadhurst and in Battlestar Galactica as Colonel Tigh

He was born to his parents, Mercedes and William Decoste, in the year 1928. He had his birthday on December 16. He holds American citizenship. 

Anna DeCoste ex-husband Terry Carter
Anna DeCoste ex-husband Terry Carter. Source: Pinterest

Her ex-husband passed away

Terry is no more, as he passed away on April 23, 2024. He died at his New York house, and his son Miguel was the one to confirm his death news. 

Terry died at the age of 95, and his death is heartbreaking to his family and his fans. 

In 2015, there was a rumor that Terry died in a hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles

According to sources, a pickup truck which was driven by Marion "Suge" Knight hit Terry Carter, leading to his death.

Denying the rumor, Terry posted on his social media saying, 

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Remarriages of Terry 

After his divorce from his first wife, Terry tied the knot with Beate Glatved Decoste in 1991

They were married for more than a decade but sadly ended up getting divorced in 2008

In 2009, he got married for the third time to Selome Zenebe. They were together until his death parted them away in 2024

Terry was a dad to his son Miguel and daughter Melinda and a stepdad to Selome‘s daughter from her last relationship. 

Age and Net worth 

Her ex-husband, Terry, was 95 years old. He had a net worth of $500k. His source of income was acting and producing. 

Experience working in Foxy Brown 

Terry recalled his days working in the movie Foxy Brown in an interview. 

He talked about his character and movie and opened up that the Michael character that he played on the movie was Foxy Brown’s boyfriend. 

His character was an under cop who gets killed, and the Foxy eventually avenges his death. 

The whole movie was about it, and during his time working on the movie, he had an amazing time. 

Pam Grier was also in the movie, and he absolutely liked how great a person she was. They ended up having a great time working together. 

There was also a scene where he came with all bandages, which was great, but unfortunately for Terry, he had no special memory of that scene. 

He felt pretty same, and for him, it was just another day of his work. 

Was her ex-husband a newscaster? 

Terry worked as an actor and producer throughout his Hollywood days. But in 1965, he was hired as the first black WBZ-TV newscaster in Boston

It was honor to him and he credited Westing for the big opportunity. 

He knew the producer of the Westing, so they approached him and told him what they were looking for. 

They looked through Terry’s skills in journalism and storymaking, and after that, they hired him. 

He signed three-year contracts and worked as a newscaster. Also, while he was working in Boston, he got an offer from CBS

He didn’t say much about that, as he said he had never talked about it to anyone.

Did Terry wear a dog‘s sweater? 

Terry revealed his very first-ever political encounter in an interview. He opened up that he was only eight years old when he had his first ever political encounter. 

Terry came from a poor family, and being poor themselves, Terry’s dad decided to go in a picket line so that he could help the poor people. 

It was called Home Relief at that time, and Terry wanted to be part of it, so he joined his dad. 

They had to represent the poor people, and for that, they had to look poor. 

So for that Terry had an old sweater that his dog was wearing, he took off the sweater wore it and went to the picket line with his dad. 

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