Annie Keating – Meet Stunning Girlfriend Of Anthony Gordon

by Pragya Tue Apr 23 2024 Updated On Tue Apr 23 2024
Annie Keating – Meet Stunning Girlfriend Of Anthony Gordon

Annie Keating is the girlfriend of professional English footballer Anthony Gordon. She was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom. She holds British citizenship. 

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Annie Keating with her boyfriend Anthony Gordon
Annie Keating with her boyfriend Anthony Gordon. Source: Pinterest 

Relationship with a professional footballer

Annie has been dating footballer Anthony for a long time now. According to the sources, they met each other when they were in college. 

As of now, they share a son together. Annie welcomed their first child in late 2023

Her partner, Anthony, has been extremely low-key about their newborn and their relationship. 

Annie seems to be very supportive of her boyfriend and his career. She was there with Anthony when he signed a contract with Everton FC. 

About her boyfriend, Anthony Gordon 

Anthony is a footballer who currently plays for Premier League club New Castle in the position of left winger. He joined the team in 2023

He also plays for the England National team. He was born to his mom, Nadine Gordon, and dad, Keith Gordon, in the year 2001

He belongs to Scottish and Irish ethnicity. He is an English citizen. 

Annie Keating boyfriend Anthony Gordon with his award
Annie Keating boyfriend Anthony Gordon with his award. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Her partner Anthony is currently 23 years old and has a net worth estimated at £4 Million. His source of income is football playing. 

Annie received a warm gesture from a fan. 

Annie and her boyfriend Anthony came to Newcastle in 2023 after he signed a contract with the club. 

It was very beginning days, and Annie and Anthony had gone to Metro Center to buy a few stuff for them. 

However, when they had to return back to the hotel where they were living, they couldn’t find a taxi. 

So a car stopped in front of them and asked if they wanted a lift. 

Annie and her partner hesitated a little at the beginning as it was a totally new place with new faces, but they felt like they could trust the person, so they took the lift. 

The person showed very warm gestures by giving them a lift and gave a good welcoming experience to both of them. 

Driving boyfriend to work 

Annie has been a very supportive partner to Anthony. When Anthony was band from driving, Annie was the one who drove him to his training. 

Anthony was not allowed to drive his G-Wagon after he failed to submit the information about the car driver. 

Despite being in the restrictions, Anthony was caught driving again, and he was nearly sentenced to prison for not following the rules. 

However, Anthony defended himself, claiming that he didn’t know about his restrictions as the documents about his ban were sent to his old home address. 

Luckily, he was later set free from restrictions charges after he wasn’t proven guilty. 

Anthony was extremely nervous. 

Anthony has finally made his debut playing for the England national team in the 2024 Euro championship

He talked about his first call-up in an interview and shared that he was very nervous. 

Playing for the national team has always been a dream for Anthony, and he spent his few days quiet nervously before the call-up. 

He wanted to be part of it so badly, but he wasn’t sure if he would. 

The few days prior to his selection to the national team were quite suspenseful, and when he got the news of his selection, he was full of happiness. 

He received the text message from the FA a few hours before his training and was totally surprised. 

He was full of joy and shared the good news with his teammates.

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