Who Is Anton James Pacino? Son Of Al Pacino

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Who Is Anton James Pacino? Son Of Al Pacino

Anton James Pacino is a video game entrepreneur most famous as the son of Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino

His mother, Beverly D' Angelo, is both Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress

His grandparents are Rose Gerardi and Salvatore Pacino.

Anton Parents Were In A Long-Term Relationship But Never Married

His parents, Al and Beverly D' Angelo were together for seven years but never married. 

His father is still not married. But his mother was previously married to Don Lorenzo Salviati

After separating from Salviati, she started dating an Academy Award-winning production designer, Anton Frust. Frust died of suicide in 1991

She started dating his father, Al, in 1996. They have two children together: Anton and a daughter, Olivia. They parted ways in 2003. They still are on very good terms.

Parents of Anton James Pacino.
Parents of Anton James Pacino. Source: Instagram

Anton Has A Twin Sister 

Anton has a twin sister Olivia who is an actress. They were born via IVF.  

When his parents had known each other for three months, his father said to his mother that he wanted her to be the mother of his children, and that was all his mother wanted to hear, his mother said in an interview with Closer Weekly

She got pregnant in 48 and gave birth in 49.

They went through a nasty custody battle following their separation in 2003. Anton and Olivia were two years old at the time.

Besides that, he also has an elder half-sister Julie Pacino born to his father from his relationship with an acting coach, Jan Tarrant.

Anton and Olivia attended the premiere of their mother's new film, Violent Night, last December.

In an interview after the red carpet, D' Angelo said she had a great time with her kids. 

She added that they have been to the Oscars and various premieres with their father, but this was their first time, and it was mom's turn.

She further said that it is more like they are in a company town and its family business, noting that her kids, as children of Al, certainly have the insider view of what it is to be an actor and devotion to the craft. 

Anton James Pacino's father and sister.
Anton James Pacino's father and sister. Source: Instagram


He was born on 25 January 2001. He is currently 22 years old.

Net Worth

His exact net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have the net worth of his father. 

From his career that has spanned five decades, his father has amassed a jaw-dropping net worth of $120 million.

His Father Was Dating An Israeli Actress Before Getting Dumped In 2020

His father was dating an Israeli actress, Meital Dohan, for two years before getting dumped in 2020

The reason behind getting dumped was their vast age gap.

Dohan confirmed the news of their separation, stating that the age gap was difficult for her to be with a man so old.  

And also she labeled him to be stingy, saying she only received flowers when asked about gifts. 

She admitted fighting with Al, but despite that, she still loves him and hopes to remain good friends. 

How Did His Father Get Into Acting And How Godfather Changed His Life?

Al started acting in 8th grade

According to him, he had a drama teacher who put him in on plays, and also, it was another way of getting out of doing the other subjects, which he said he was not very good at. 

So, he just enjoyed being in that play environment and always felt theatre was his family as he made friends and associates. 

The drama teacher one day visited his house to talk to his grandmother. He didn't have a father present, so his mother and grandparents raised him. 

His teacher encouraged his grandmother to have him pursue acting. He was 11/12 years then. 

He said teachers going beyond the classroom into the apartment and talking to the parents was immense and that his teacher had much to do shaping his career at least with his memory.

Al Pacino in Godfather   Source: Instagram

When asked about how The Godfather changed his life, he said he went from being a working actor to a movie star. 

He felt like overnight, although he had been acting for 10-15 years before and had already won Tony Awards. 

He further added that his background is in theatre in a lot of ways, much more than in films. 

He grew up in the theater and always thought theater would be how he found himself in his work, and his art was really in theater connected to the excellent material, great plays, and that was what he was doing.

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