Who Is Rose Gerard Pacino? Late Mother Of Al Pacino

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Who Is Rose Gerard Pacino? Late Mother Of Al Pacino

Rose Gerard Pacino is the late mother of Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino. She was married to Salvatore Pacino. 

They got separated when Al was just two years old. He lived with his mother's parents in South Bronx. 

Her ex-husband shifted to California, where he worked as an insurance salesman and restaurateur. 

Rose Gerard Pacino with her ex-husband and their son.
Rose Gerard Pacino with her ex-husband and their son. Source: Facebook

Is Al Pacino Married?

Al is not married yet. However, he is in a relationship with Noor Alfallah. 

They have been together since 2022. They welcomed their baby in 2023

Al is the father of four kids, a daughter named Julie Pacino from his ex-partner Jan Tarrant, twins Olivia and Anton Pacino with his ex-girlfriend Beverly D'Angelo and a son from his now girlfriend, Noor.

Al Pacino with his girlfriend.
Al Pacino with his girlfriend. Source: People


Her son Al is 82 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Al's net worth is estimated to be $120 million.

Rose Gerard Pacino's son and grandchildren.
Rose Gerard Pacino's son and grandchildren. Source: Pinterest

Pacino Shares His First-Ever Oscar Award Experience 

Pacino has been nominated many times as a supporting actor and lead actor. 

His first ever Oscar nomination was for The Godfather in 1973. He could not attend that award ceremony because of some reason. 

He mentioned he was young and was in Boston performing on stage. 

Next year got nominated for Serpico, and that time he didn’t miss the Oscar Award.

He attended his first Oscar Award with his manager, friend, and producer of Serpico.

He said he enjoyed the event and was a little high. He saw Jeff Bridges, who was also nominated. 

He had never met Jeff in person, so he said hello. Jeff didn’t know him as he had not seen his film, but he responded. 

Pacino told Jeff that they would never make it to the best actor category as the award was over, and they didn’t announce the best actor category. 

Jeff gave him a look that Al couldn’t forget about till the date. Al was so high that he thought the award show had ended but Jeff told him that there was still two hours left for the show to end.

Jeff asked him where did he come from and who he was. 

Al was so high that Jeff had to tell him what was happening. 

Al Talked About His Oscar Nominations

Al has been nominated for Academy Awards eight times and won Oscar for the movie Scent of a Women for best actor in 1993. 

Al said that Oscar is a big deal for actors. He mentioned that he never imagined that he would get nominated for Oscar.

He admitted he had hoped to get an Oscar nomination for some of his roles, but he didn’t get it, and he was disappointed.

He shared he got nominated for an Academy Award, and one time he went to a bar, and people appreciated and applauded him for his Oscar nomination. 

He said that even though he didn’t win the Oscar, he was happy as people encouraged him. 

Pacino Invited Logan Lerman To Play Poker With Him

In an interview, Logan revealed that Al invited them to play poker with him before the pandemic. 

Al said he is a good poker player. Al plays poker with his close friends. 

He shared that when he went to play poker at Al's place, the whole table was filled with Pastrami and stories. 

He shared that while playing poker, he likes to play cards as it is fun mixing games. 

He goes to his bathroom, looks into the mirror, and shouts he is beautiful, and why didn’t you tell me, out of nowhere. 

He would think that his friends who are playing outside would hear him. He finds it very funny, but the people who play with doesn’t find it funny. 

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