Antonio Carlos Andrade- Shocking Claims About Richarlison Father

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Antonio Carlos Andrade- Shocking Claims About Richarlison Father

Antonio Carlos Andrade is the father of Brazilian football player Richarlison. He is married to his wife, Vera Lucia. 

Antonio worked as a stonemason back in his days. He has five children with his wife, Vera. He is a Brazilian.

Antonio Carlos Andrade with his son, Richarlison.
Antonio Carlos Andrade with his son, Richarlison. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Antonio is married to his wife, Vera Lucia

They are parents to five children, four sons, including Richarlison, and a daughter. 

Antonio and his wife had struggled a lot in their life. He used to work as a Stonemason, whereas his wife used to sell ice cream. 

Despite being in poverty, they raised their kids rightfully, and now their kids are the best at their jobs.

Antonio Carlos Andrade's son, Richarlison and wife.
Antonio Carlos Andrade's son, Richarlison and wife. Source: Instagram

Richarlison almost did drugs?

Richarlison is a big name now especially after the world cup 2023 where he scored a beautiful goal. But initially, his football journey starts back in way a head when he was just a 5 or 6 year old boy. He had a small sister in his house so he couldn’t play football in his house, so he used to kick the ball bought by his dad in the field alone. After he grew a little, he used to play football with his brother in the garden of his house. He revealed that the neighbors near his house used to throw grasses which they used to pick and plant in their garden to play football. He was so passionate about football that he soon made a lot of football playing friends and some amazing coaches. In his community, buying and selling of drugs was quite a popular thing. His maximum friends were involved in such activity. He was in the friend circle of drugs dealers and users. So, it was obvious for them to offer him to take drugs as well. But Richarlison expressed that he never got drawn to the use of drugs. He was only focused on football. Moreover, his brother was also free from drugs and its tangled effects. They fortunately had coaches who were a policeman. So, they were always warned about the drug use and its effects. In present days, he revealed that many of his friends are in prison due to their drug dealing and using while few of them are in the same area. He also opened up that he is in frequent contact with his friends who are in his home town. He was so much passionate about football that he had no any other plan according to him. It was also the major reason that he was not in the circle of drugs. He had his eyes set only in football.

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Antonio are unknown. His son is currently 25 years old

His son has a net worth of $30 Million.

Antonio Carlos Andrade's son Richarlison.
Antonio Carlos Andrade's son Richarlison. Source: Instagram

Antonio Had To Leave His Family

Antonio always loved his children and wanted to be with them in every situation of their life. 

But unfortunately, he had to spend a lot of time far away from them as he had a job in Minas Gerais, whereas his family lived in Nova Venecia

He had five children and a wife to look after, so it was difficult for him financially. 

He was depressed about his situation and the fact that he could not provide what was necessary for his family. 

It was the main reason he left his city and family for a time.

Antonio Is The Hero For His Son

Antonio’s son played for the first time with a European club in 2022, Tottenham Hotspur. 

His dad was also present in the match to watch and support him. 

Fortunately, the attacker scored a winning goal and dedicated the dream to his father. 

He was in tears after the game because he and his father had gone through a lot for him to reach this point. 

He treats his father as the biggest supporter and hero of his life. 

Despite all the difficulties, Antonio had always been beside Richarlison, so the goal he scored was in his father's name.

Richarlison Was At Gun Point

Richarlison had a tough childhood as his family was financially unstable. 

He used to live with his mother and siblings; his mother was the only single parent as his father moved to another place. 

Since he was in a financially broken state, he had to earn to get a living. He started to work for money at the age of 11.

He used to sell ice cream, wash cars, and help his grandfather on farms. 

His mother cared about him but couldn’t properly care for him because of their state. 

As they lived in a neighborhood with a lot of crime and drugs, his mother was scared that her son might as well end up like the neighborhood’s people and children. 

He never got involved in such activity except when a Gangstar pointed a gun at his head. 

It was a pretty scary situation for the attacker, but he was not harmed. 

Richarlison Felt Jersey Too Heavy

Richarlison wore the number 9 Jersey for his country Brazil for the first time in World Cup in 2022. 

He had worn many jerseys before in his career, but according to him, this jersey felt a bit heavier. 

What he said was not based on weight but in the form of responsibility. 

The legendary number has many histories attached to it, and to continue the legacy of the legends was much more of a pressure for Richarlison

Still, he was proud of his position. 

But in the first match for the country, he scored two goals, which was the best goal in the World Cup so far again Serbia. 

He kept his name and his number’s legacy.

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