Who Is Vera Lucia? Mother Of Richarlison de Andrade

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Who Is Vera Lucia? Mother Of Richarlison de Andrade

Vera Lucia is the mother of Brazilian footballer Richarlison de Andrade who currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur and the national team of Brazil. 

She is married to Antonio Carlos Andrade. She used to be a cleaner and ice cream seller. Her husband used to be a Stoneman.

The couple shares five kids altogether, and Richarlison is the oldest of them. 

Though she and her husband couldn’t afford big things for them, she raised him by teaching him good moral lessons. 

Now he has become a professional footballer and has changed their parent's life. 

Vera Lucia's husband and their son.
Vera Lucia's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Richarlison Dating Anyone?

Richarlison is not dating anyone as of now. He has not been linked to any woman and is still single.


Her son Richarlison is 25 years old

Net Worth

Her son Richarlison's net worth is estimated to be $30 million

His salary is estimated to be more than $2.5 million. He earns $200,000 per month.

Vera Lucia with her children.
Vera Lucia with her children. Source: Genius Celebs

Richarlison Ued To Sell Icecream 

Richarlison shared that when he was growing up, all of his friends were involved in selling drugs to earn money, but he never chose that path. 

He sold ice cream and homemade chocolate truffles and washed cars to earn money, as he came from a humble family. 

He said that he used to live in a place that drug dealers surrounded. 

He said he was lucky that his coaches were policemen, and they advised him and his brother never to go on that path. 

He said many of his friends ended up in jail, and some are still there. 

Football Was Always His First Priority

Though Richarlison had to do many jobs to earn money, he was never happy as it didn’t feel right. 

He said football was everything to him as he began playing football when he was five and wanted to do something big on the football field. 

He said he focused on his dream and trained hard day and night. 

He used to train in the rain and scorching sun every Monday and used to run six miles to reach the football academy. 

He was happy that he decided to focus on football and worked for that because today, he is in a position where he is proud that he has come so far. 

America MG Was His First Professional Club

Richarlison went to give a trial for America FC (Minas Gerais) in 2014. He shared that he went to deliver his shot with a one-way ticket. 

He said he spent his remaining money on food and other things, and his only option was to pass the trial. 

He passed the trial, and in 2014, he made his professional debut. He said the club made him familiar with professional football. 

He played four games for under 19 and won many trophies for the club. 

He said that the club had never won the final in 17 years, and they won the local championship after he went to the club. 

He scored a goal in the final, which helped the team to win the championship. Eventually, he ended up signing his first professional contract with the club.

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