Who Is Arthur Condor? Brother Of Lana Condor

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Who Is Arthur Condor? Brother Of Lana Condor

Arthur Condor is the brother of American actress, producer, and singer Lana Condor

His parents are Mary Condor and Bob Condor but they are not his biological parents. They adopted him when he was a child.

He has a sister named Lana. 

Arthur is a Surface Warfare Oceanography officer by profession. He is an American citizen.

Family of Arthur Condor
Family of Arthur Condor Source: Instagram 

Sister Lana's Love Life

Lana is not married yet, but she has someone special in her life. 

She is currently in a relationship with Anthony De La Torre. They started dating each other in 2015

Their relationship went smoothly for six straight years and after that they got engaged. 

They exchanged rings on 2022, Jan 28

The beautiful couple is committed to their relationship and has shared many pictures on social media. 

Arthur Condor's sister Lana Condor with her partner Anthony De La Torre
Arthur Condor's sister Lana Condor with her partner Anthony De La Torre  Source: Instagram 

How Did She Meet Anthony?

Lana and Anthony met each other back in 2015

They both met for the first time at an Emmys event in California. After some time, they began dating each other.

About Sister Lana 

Lana is an American actress, producer, and singer born on May 11, 1997. 

Her full name is Lana Therese Condor. She was born in Can Tho, Vietnam, and was raised in an orphanage. 

Mary and Bob Condor later adopted her. As a child, she showed her interest in ballet dance. 

She started her acting career in 2016. She is well known for her role in X-Men Apocalypse

She has shown her appearance in many TV series and movies. She is a talented actress. 

Arthur Condor with sister Lana Condor
Arthur Condor with sister Lana Condor Source: Instagram 


Arthur was born on Feb 19, 1997, and his current age is 24 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Lana is $2 Million. She earns from acting, producing, and singing. 

Arthur Left His Excuses To Chase His Dream

Arthur is well-known as the brother of an American actress, singer, and producer, Lana.

But he has made a name for himself as a United States Navy Officer. 

He always dreamt of being a part of the Navy for more than seven years. 

He always thought that time was not right for him to try being a navy officer.

He waited and tried to make excuses for not trying his dreams. 

But finally, he applied for the post. He was in the Navy for a year and spent 13 weeks in OSC. 

His dream and hard work then paid off. 

He was assigned as a Surface Warfare Oceanography Office in Navy Office. 

He then wore his dress with a navy badge finally. He was very proud of his achievement.

Is Arthur An Orphan?

Arthur is a well-educated and successful Navy officer in the United States

His sister Lana is also a successful actress, producer, and singer

They have a stable lifestyle and a great family. But things didn't start the same for them. 

They were orphans right from the beginning. Arthur was just three months old when a great family adopted him. 

He is very fortunate to be adopted by a lovely family. He got to get himself educated, and he feels lucky about it. 

Both he and his sister had a great life with their parents. He often wonders about his life if he was not adopted. 

Arthur Condor with his parents and sister
Arthur Condor with his parents and sister Source: Instagram

Lana Fell Into An Accident In The Set

Lana is undoubtedly one of the most natural and dedicated actress in the film industry. 

Her same dedication led her to hurt herself and others in the set. 

She was working on the Deadly Class series where she played the role of assassin. 

She was supposed to fall in the movie, and her natural way of acting made her fall hard. 

It was a great shot, but the actress hurt herself. Not only that, but she gave her best in the fight scene for the series. 

In one scene her battle was so intense that her co-actor Maria was scared. Lana even accidentally cut Maria's pinky finger in a scene. 

The action series had many other injuries, but it was all worth it as people loved their work.

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