Mary Condor- Truth About Lana Condor Mother

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Mary Condor- Truth About Lana Condor Mother

Mary Condor is the mother of the famous American actress and singer Lana Condor

Her full name is Mary Carol Condor.

Married to Rob Condor 

Mary was married to Bob Condor. The couple doesn't have any biological children.

They decided to adopt children. So they have adopted two children, a son and a daughter from Asia

Mary Condor children Lana Condor and Arthur Condor
Mary Condor children Lana Condor and Arthur Condor  Source: Instagram 

They adopted a daughter first from an Orphanage. She was five months at the time of adoption. 

She was born in Vietnam, and her name is Lana Condor.

The couple also adopted one son named Arthur Condor

Mary Condor family
Mary Condor family  Source: Instagram 


An American couple Mary and Bob Condor adopted Lana from an orphanage. She was only five months at the time of adoption. 

She was born on 11 May 1997 in Can Tho, Vietnam. Her current age is 24 years.

Mary Condor daughter Lana Condor
Mary Condor daughter Lana Condor  Source: Instagram

She spent her childhood learning ballet-like other normal girls. She started her acting in 2016. She played many side roles at the time.

Her lead role in the romantic drama film "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" was a big hit.

She not only gained recognition but also got nominated for the Teen Choice Award.

The series didn't end on installment one but also had a third & final installment. Condor once again was leading the lead role.

In February 2020, Lana opened her YouTube channel.

Within some period, she had more than 475,000 subscriber's on her channel.

Proud On Accepting Own Self 

Mary’s daughter Lana shared her story about coming out from Body Dysmorphia in the show “Self.” She shared her own story about how she felt with her body and compared herself with before and now.

Lana gave up on dancing because it made her very insecure about her body. She was really into ballet, but while doing that, she just kept on looking at the mirror and checking her body. 

That made her worry about her appearance, which was not good for her. Then she thought of giving up on dancing, which became her first step in dealing with Body Dysmorphia. 

While she was dancing, she just looked into the mirror and felt bad about her own body, which negatively impacted her mental health. It took her a long to come out of her insecurities and accept how she is. 

The process of healing and accepting herself was not easy and quick, but she worked on it little by little daily. She didn’t push herself to do that, but instead, she became very easy on herself and learned to love her body.  

For that, Luna accepted her flaws and treated herself right. She started working on herself and did those things that made her happy.  

She enjoyed doing Zumba’s with her partner, and the trainer tries to make her feel good as he doesn’t force her to do anything too much for her. 

During the pandemic, she got much more time to spend with herself, and at that time, she learned how important it is to care about yourself and treat yourself in the right way. 

She feels so much better now than before. She also knew the importance of mental health. Whatever she thought about herself and stressing out affected her mental health so badly. 

But now, as she accepted herself the way she is, she feels more confident in herself. She wants everyone to accept themselves just the way they are and love their bodies.

Daughter Love Life

Noah and Lana are loved by many fans and appreciated for their chemistry on "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."

There are many rumors of them dating in real life too. But both of them denied their dating controversy.

Lana also said that Noah and she is good friends and always want to remain good friends. Nothing more than that. 

She began dating American actor and singer Anthony De La Torre in 2015.
Anthony and Lana started dating before she began her lead role on a romantic drama film, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."

Condor loves posting videos and photos with her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, on her Instagram

We can see that the couples are so in love with each other. After the romantic drama, many fans attacked Anthony

They thought he was the reason why Lana and Noah are not dating in their real life. 

Lana also told her fans to stop attacking Anthony. She also shared that she loved him, and Anthony is always by her side every time.

The couples are still seen so in love even are their long period of dating.

The couple also posted their official music video "Anyone else but you" through Anthony De La Torre YouTube channel. 

Lana Condor with her boyfriend Anthony De La Torre
Lana Condor with her boyfriend Anthony De La Torre  Source: Instagram

The song was appreciated by a lot of their fans. 
Each and whenever Lana uploads a video on her YouTube channel. We can see Anthony by her side.

Lana Condor with her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre
Lana Condor with her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre   Source: Instagram 

The couples are seen taking care of each other and having fun. The couple seems very committed with each other and they look lovely together.

Excitement Getting Engaged 

Lana gave an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she talked about her engagement and meeting her fiancé. 

Jimmy congratulated Lana for being engaged to love of her life and if it was planned or a surprise. 

Lana expressed her happiness about getting engaged and said that her boyfriend surprised her, but it was not that unexpected for her as she was dropping hints to her boyfriend by showing her nails. 

She opened up that her fiancé had proposed to her on Christmas eve while they were in Mexico for the holidays. 

He was decorating and making up tables for dinner, and she thought he was planning for Christmas dinner, but she got proposed to, which was very unexpected for her. 

She then showed her engagement ring and said that her fiancé specially made it for her with some work person. She said that they shared their night with baby Jesus. 

She then talked about the ring and revealed that her fiancé got that ring made from a Vietnamese family jeweler. 

Her fiancé knows how important her heritage is to her, and she was happy to get that ring. 

She revealed that she met her husband at the Emmy party. She went to him and asked for his number, saying that she had forgotten a punch line. 

Then after 30 min, she texted him, asking what he would call a pile of kittens. Jimmy wanted to know the answer, and Lana replied, saying Meowtains which was a funny answer. 

Lana said that her grandmom is a great fan of Jimmy’s show, so she gave a shout-out to her grandmom and made Jimmy say hello to her.

She opened up about her starring in Moonshot, and she said that she enjoyed working with her costar, Cole Sprouse. That show is a sci-fi rom-com, so she hopes that people will love that show.

Net Worth and Earnings 

Her net worth is unknown, while his daughter net worth is structured below:

 Mary CondorLana Condor (Daughter)
Net worth Unknown $2 million 
Income Unknown Actress and a singer

  Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. Her age is not mentioned.
  2. She has average height and weight.

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