Who Is Ayana Xhaka? Cute Daughter Of Granit Xhaka

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Who Is Ayana Xhaka? Cute Daughter Of Granit Xhaka

Ayana Xhaka is the beautiful daughter of professional football player Granit Xhaka. 

She was born on October 7, 2019, in Switzerland.

Ayana Xhaka cute picture
Ayana Xhaka cute picture Source: Instagram

Parents of Ayana 

Ayana was born to Granit and Leonita Lekaj

They met each other when Granit was playing for German Club Borussia Monchengladbach.  

The couple has been dating each other since 2015. They got engaged in 2016. 

They married each other on July 6, 2017, after Granit proposed to her in the same year.  

Ayana Xhaka with mother and father
Ayana Xhaka with mother and father Source: Instagram

Siblings of Ayana 

Ayana is the eldest daughter among two sisters. Her younger sister's name is Laneya Xhaka.  Laney was born on April 24, 2021.

Ayana Xhaka with cute sibling
Ayana Xhaka with cute sibling Source: Instagram

Where is Ayana Xhaka's mother engaging? 

Leonita Lekaj works as a Model. She can be seen in several magazines. 

She is an Instagram celebrity with 185K followers. 

Age and Net worth

Ayana Xhaka is two years old. The net worth of Ayana Xhaka is under review. 

Instead, her father, Granit Xhaka's net worth is $20.91 million. 

Granit was paid $30-$35 million while signing for premier league club Arsenal. 

Introduction of Granit 

Granit was born on 27 September 1992 in Basel, Switzerland. He is a professional football player by profession. 

He plays for the premier league club Arsenal and the national team of Switzerland in the position of midfielder. 

He is the son of Ragip Xhaka and Elmaze Xhaka.

cute family
cute family Source: Instagram

Granit wanted to teach the daughters the German language

Both daughters were born in London, but Granit used to belong to Switzerland, and his wife used to belong to Germany. 

The first language they speak is Albanian, and secondly, they speak English. 

But the couple wanted to teach them German so they would grow up with three languages. 

The reason behind teaching the German language was a mentality to preserve the blood where they belonged from. 

When Granit had to go against his own elder brother Taulant Xhaka

Granit’s elder brother Taulant Xhaka is also a professional player who used to play for the Swiss football club Basel and from the national team of Albania

In the Euros league, the brother had to go against each other as Granit was playing from Switzerland and his brother was playing from Albania

Granit said that their parents taught them to forget for 90 minutes that they are brothers, do their job, you are professional; after 90 minutes, both are again together. 

Even Granit himself asked his brother if he had to tackle, could he? 

Taulant said that, of course, it’s our job; we can’t change that, so let’s focus and do our job. 

Football is more than a job for Granit 

When Arsenal had lost a match against New Castle, Granit was unpleasant with the performance of his teammates. 

He said that the members of Arsenal didn’t deserve to be on the pitch. They didn’t do what the game plan was. 

Not listening to the coach, doing their own things, and when doing their things, these games happened; what happened was a disastrous performance. 

The club doesn’t deserve to play in the champions league or Europa league. 

He said that if anyone isn’t ready to give their best, just stay at their home as simple as it doesn’t matter. 

He apologized to the audience, who supported him at his worst. 

Age doesn’t matter for Granit

When Granit was asked about his age, after the end of his contract with Arsenal, it might be harder to play with the age after 30, so replying to such a statement, he said that he doesn’t believe in age. 

You can be 18, you can be 90, or you can be 35; if you have the quality, you can play. 

He gave an example by the name of David Luiz, who was a former Arsenal player at the age of 35. 

Age is just a number for me, said Granit. 

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