Who Is Laneya Xhaka? Daughter Of Granit Xhaka

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Who Is Laneya Xhaka? Daughter Of Granit Xhaka

Laneya Xhaka is the daughter of professional football player Granit Xhaka.

Laneya's mother's name is Leonita Lekaj. She has a sister named Ayana.

She was born in 2021 and is currently a year old. Her nationality is Swiss.

Laneya Xhaka with father Granit Xhaka and sibling and mother Leonita Lekaj
Laneya Xhaka with father Granit Xhaka and sibling and mother Leonita Lekaj Source: Instagram

Married life of Laneya's dad Granit

Granit is married to his wife, Leonita Lekaj. The couple tied the knot in 2017. 

They are blessed with two beautiful daughters named Laneya and Ayana Xhaka. Their first daughter Ayana was born in 2017.

Laneya Xhaka with sibling Ayana Xhaka
Laneya Xhaka with sibling Ayana Xhaka Source: Instagram

How did Granit meet his wife?

Granit met his wife when he was playing for club Borussia Monchengladbach. 

They dated for a very long time before officially becoming husband and wife.  

Age and Net Worth 

Granit is 30 years old. The net worth of Granit is $20 Million. His source of income is football players. 

Granit’s father went through hell

Granit might have had a great life, but his father went through a lot as a youngster. 

His father, Ragip Xhaka, was a brave man who dared to speak against the central government in Belgrade. 

He was just 22 years at that time and was reading at the University. For his actions, he was captured by the officials and put into jail. 

He became a political prisoner, and life was not easy for him. Granit’s father revealed that he had to go through hell in jail. 

He was not only beaten but tortured to its maximum. He really faced a lot in his young days.

Granit was thrown out of his captaincy

Granit was a capable captain of Arsenal FC from the year 2019. He was assigned as the captain in September.

He was a great leader for the team, and as a player as well, he was great. 

But his actions made him unworthy of the position of captain of the club. 

He was a person who couldn’t control his anger. He often misbehaved with the people around him out of his anger. 

It was not the only thing he did in the club. It was fine until it was within the club, but he misbehaved with the fans as well. 

Fans were just taking his name, but in anger, he said: “Fuck Off” to the players, which was something that couldn’t be considered. 

He was sent to the council of the club for his behavior. He was then set off from his position of Captain. 

Granit says everyone should respect Ronaldo

Granit’s team Switzerland went against Portugal in UEFA National League, and they got defeated. 

It was Cristiano Ronaldo who scored three winning goals for Portugal. He couldn’t stop praising Ronaldo as a football player. 

He expressed that Cristiano Ronaldo was not from this world. His level is beyond any other football player. 

He also talked about how difficult it was to go against Ronaldo because Ronaldo knew what he did and what he should do. 

Granit also said that Ronaldo being 34 years at that time, was on a completely new level. 

So he needs to be respected by each and everyone, according to Granit

He, however, didn’t admit that Ronaldo is the number one player. 

He indicated that Ronaldo and Messi were both on the top, and no one could touch their talent.

Granit’s mentality matches that of Mikel Arteta

Granit extended his contract with Arsenal, and the new coach Mikel Arteta also came into the club at the corresponding times. 

It was a great feeling for Granit because they went along very well. According to Granit, Mikel was someone needed for the club. 

Mikel speaks to Granit really well and guides him about his positioning and playing strategy. 

Not only Granit but Mikel is friendly and supportive of the whole team. 

Moreover, Mikel is very professional and takes his work very seriously. It is the same mentality that Granit has. 

Granit expressed that he is too serious when it comes to his job. He does everything possible, even if it doesn’t always work. 

He believes that if his hard work doesn’t show great results today, it will show tomorrow. 

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