Barbara Wyer- Tragedy Of Marilyn Manson Mother

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Barbara Wyer- Tragedy Of Marilyn Manson Mother

Barbara Wyer is the late mother of Brian Hugh Warner, who is professionally known as Marilyn Manson. 

Her son is a singer, rock musician, painter, actor, and writer. She was married to Hugh Angus Warne

Her husband died on 8 July 2017

Barbara Wyer with her husband, Hugh Angus Warne.
Barbara Wyer with her husband, Hugh Angus Warne. Source: Twitter

Is Marilyn Married?

Marilyn is married to Lindsay Usich. They tied the knot in 2020 during the lockdown. 

His wife is a photographer, painter and fashion model by profession. They were first spotted together in 2010 after his breakup with his then-girlfriend. 

The two have known each other for more than a decade. They don’t share any kids. 

Marilyn was once married to Dita Von Tesse, a model, dancer and businesswoman, before he met his now wife, Lindsay.

They got married in 2005, but their marriage lasted only two years. 

 Marilyn Manson with his wife, Lindsay Usich.
 Marilyn Manson with his wife, Lindsay Usich. Source: The Irish Sun


Barbara was battling with dementia, and she died at the age of 65 in 2014.

Net Worth

Her son Marilyn's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune as a professional musician and rock artist.

Barbara Wyer's husband and son, Marilyn Manson.
Barbara Wyer's husband and son, Marilyn Manson. Source: Pinterest

A Judge Tossed Out The Sexual Assault Filed By Ashley Morgan 

Ashley is his ex-girlfriend. They dated for three years. Ashley claimed that he abused her several times when she was in a relationship with him. 

She filed a lawsuit against him in 2021 for sexual assault and physical abuse. 

Marilyn denied all the allegations made by her. She failed to meet a deadline to represent herself in court. 

As a result, the case was dismissed. She also fired her lawyer. 

Marilyn Was Accused Of Sexual Assault By Sixteen People

Over 15 years, Marilyn has been accused of sexual violence by 16 people, of which four of them had sued him for the abuse. 

Evan Rachel Wood indirectly talked about the abuse she faced in a relationship with Marilyn without naming him in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

She talked about the toxic mental, physical and sexual abuse in detail. She claimed she was raped when unconscious and even threatened to kill her. 

In 2019 she again talked about the abuse. In 2019 Esme Bianco talked about the physical violence she suffered to the California Assembly Public Safety Committee without naming Marilyn

In 2021 Rachel publicly disclosed the name of her abuser in her Instagram

She wrote about how Marilyn assaulted her when she was young. On the same day, four more women came forward, revealing that they had also been abused. 

In that year, Esme sued him. Ashley Morgan filed a lawsuit against him in 2021 for sexual assault. The third woman is unknown. 

Marilyn Drugged Evan Rachel On Set

Evan Rachel was 18 when she was in a relationship with Marilyn. She appeared in his music video when she was 19

In that music video, she was drugged and drunk and was asked to have sex with Marilyn on camera. 

Evan alleged that she was raped on camera, but Marilyn's lawyer said it was a lie as the scene was simulated sex, and she was engaged in that shoot from planning to executing.

She agreed that he didn’t have sex with her as he raped her on set, and that's a huge difference. 

She said that was just the start of abuse, as she had gone through a lot over the years when she was with him. 

She described the abuse as horrific. She said that abuse made her forget herself, and it took her years to process what he had done to her. 

She said that she thought she was only the victim. 

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