Hugh Angus Warner- Tragedy Of Marilyn Manson Father

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Hugh Angus Warner- Tragedy Of Marilyn Manson Father

Hugh Angus Warner is the late father of American rock musician Marilyn Manson. 

Hugh himself was a former flight engineer and crew chief. Hugh was born in 1945 and has his birthday on May 7.

He was a Vietnam veteran. He died in 2017 at the age of 72.

Hugh Angus Warner with his son, Marilyn Manson.
Hugh Angus Warner with his son, Marilyn Manson. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Hugh 

Hugh was married to his late wife, Barbara Wyer. They married each other a long time back and had a son named Marilyn Manson.

Their son was born in the year 1969. Hugh and his wife are famous because of their musician son Marilyn.

Hugh and his wife initially didn't have a good relationship with their son Marilyn.

Hugh was an absent father, and because of that, his son was pissed at him. 

Hugh and Barbara were married to each other till his wife's death in 2014.

His wife Barbara had dementia, causing her death at the age of 68 years

Hugh Angus Warner with his wife,  Barbara Wyer.
Hugh Angus Warner with his wife,  Barbara Wyer. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Hugh was 72 years old at the time of his death. His net worth is not known. 

Hugh's son Marilyn has a net worth of $2.5 Million.

Hugh Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Hugh has always been in the field of creativity and talent as he was the flight engineer and crew chief at the Air Commando Squadron Vietnam. 

It was a responsible job, but with all the seriousness, he was stated to be one of the most humorous people. 

His sense of humor was so good that he could easily joke about anything and make people laugh. 

His childhood friend also described that he was the kind of person who liked to shock his friends and other people with his sense of humor. 

He was quite an open type of man. That is why he and his wife supported their son and his career.

They even used to wear the band shirt to cheer their son Marilyn.

Hugh Was The Best Dad

Hugh had stayed away from his family due to his work for a long time. 

But still, his son Marilyn considers him the best father in the world. Marilyn even stated that no one is a greater father than Hugh after Hugh’s death. 

Marilyn further added that Hugh was the one who taught him to be a real man in this real world. 

Hugh taught him to survive and become a fighter who can fight for his life and survival. 

From driving to shooting guns, Hugh taught him everything. Even to lead in his life, to lead people, he was taught by his father. 

This is one of the reasons that Marilyn is one of the mains in his band and has been running his band smoothly.

Marilyn Physically Hurt His Mother

Marilyn was an angry man from his childhood. He revealed that his father’s anger was passed on to him. 

But his same nature hurt his mother several times physically, but he revealed that he was not sorry for a single one of them.

It came out that one night, his mother, Barb, came home late. Marilyn was suspicious that his mother went to see another man and cheated on his father. 

On asking, his mother denied speaking anything. So in anger, the boy took the glass perfume bottle and smashed it in Barb’s head. 

Her face was full of blood, and she went to the hospital. Barb carried the scar for her lifetime; according to Marilyn, it was a reminder not to have another child. 

Moreover, it was not the first time her son hurt her. Marilyn had choked, attacked, and even spitted over his mother. 

Marilyn’s Mother’s Death Changed Everything

Marilyn has always been rough around his mother. He grew up without the shadow of his father for a long time. 

And his mother used to call him by his father’s name, and he hated it. So he and his mother never ended up in a common term, and a violent relationship developed between them. 

Before his mother passed away, she forgot who he was because of dementia, he already had been good with his mother. 

But after her death, he realized many things in his life. He changed in a great manner and even bought a house. 

After the death of his mother, it was the first time his father talked to him face to face about his job and everything. 

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