Who Is Bernadette Dias? Mother Of Ruben Dias

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Who Is Bernadette Dias? Mother Of Ruben Dias

Bernadette Dias is the mother of Portuguese professional football player Ruben Dias. She is a Portuguese citizen.

Marriage And Children

Bernadette is married to her husband Joao Dias. They have been married for a very long time now. 

On 2018 July 18, Bernadette posted a picture with her husband Joao, wishing for 50 years of their married life together.

Bernadette Dias with her husband, Joao Dias.
Bernadette Dias with her husband, Joao Dias. Source: Instagram

She has also mentioned the date of July 12, which might be their wedding day.  

She has four children, two sons, Ivan Dias and Ruben Dias, and two daughters, Carolina Dias and Beatrix Dias. She has a great happy family. 

Children of Bernadette Dias.
Children of Bernadette Dias. Source: Instagram

Bernadette Was Always Angry With His Children

Bernadette has two daughters and two sons. She has had a great life with her family. 

But when her sons were kids, they made her angry daily. 

Both sons have been interested in football since they started walking. 

They first played football with their dad on the field, but after moving to another place without grounds, they started playing in their home. 

They used to make the door or bedrooms and kitchens their goalposts. Bernadette then revealed that they used to kick a ball around daily and break many cups and plates in the kitchen. 

They enjoyed those moments shouting goals. But Bernadette was furious as they were damaging a lot of stuff. 

Still, she was happy that her sons enjoyed being active. They were not only at football, but they were good at swimming and karate as well. 

She believed that their same capability would make them great leaders.

  Bernadette Dias with her husband and their sons.
Bernadette Dias with her husband and their sons. Source: Instagram

About Bernadette's Son Ruben 

Ruben is a Portuguese professional footballer known for playing in Manchester City FC in the center-back position. 

He plays for Portugal's national team in Fifa World Cup 2022. He was born in Amadora, Portugal, which makes him a Portuguese citizen

Who Is Ruben Married?

Ruben is not married yet. He was in a relationship with April Ivy, a singer, till 2021. 

They started dating in 2018, and right after dating, April and Ruben began to live together. 

It was known that they broke because of the differences that they had in their different lifestyles.

As of 2022, he is rumored to be dating Ginevra Festa. None of them have talked about this matter, and the news of them flashed out after they were seen spending time together. 

Age And Net Worth 

Bernadette's son Ruben is 25 years old.  He has a net worth of 40 million euros

Ruben Missed An Important Match

Ruben was stated with a hamster injury in the match against Peterborough FC.

The hamster injury was so bad that he had to miss many games. 

The game also included the match against Atletico Madrid and Liverpool FC.

As one of the talented players, he was supposed to be the core defense line, but because of his injury, he had to miss the game. 

The coach of Manchester City FC, Pep, expressed that Ruben could have been one of the critical players in the match, but because of his injury, the coach reported him off the team. 

Also, he had been missing four game days, and the coach revealed that he would be unavailable for two more weeks.

Ruben’s Mistake Cost His Team A Loss

Ruben and his team went against Liverpool, where Ruben’s team lost by 3-1

The second goal Salah scored for Liverpool in the game was because of a penalty that Ruben’s mistake offered. 

Ruben’s handball offered a free goal to the Liverpool side, changing the game for Liverpool's side. 

On analyzing handball of Ruben, it seemed unnecessary. The former England player Gabby said Ruben made an extreme jump on the cross ball with his hand wide open. 

It was one of the dumbest mistakes a defender could make as he jumped without his hands down. 

The England player reports that Ruben and other defenders should learn the lesson from this.

Ruben Talked About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Controversy

Ruben is playing for the Portuguese national team, and the captain of the group is Cristiano Ronaldo

It was obvious for people to think that the dispute between Cristiano Ronaldo and his club Manchester United would affect the national team or the dressing room. 

But Ruben told there was nothing like that. Ruben revealed that the team was as much stronger as it always was. 

He revealed that no person's matters are talked about in the team, and the whole team has the same motto to win the World Cup.

Also, they are always united to stay on one side and should show their strength to the world.

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