Joao Dias – Meet Father Of Ruben Dias

by sabina Wed Jun 26 2024 Updated On Wed Jun 26 2024
Joao Dias – Meet Father Of Ruben Dias

Joao Dias is famous as a celebrity father. He is the father of Ruben Dias, a center-back for Premiere League Club Manchester City and the Portugal national team.

Joao is a real estate consultant.

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Married life and kids 

Joao is married to his wife, Bernadette Alves Dias who serves as an accountant. Their older son Ivan who was born in 1995 is also a professional footballer. 

Since Joao and his wife both worked, they didn't have enough time to take their son to training. 

It was Joao's father Joaquim Dias who helped Ruben in his football journey by taking him back and forth to training five times a week. 

Ruben said he was lucky that he had a devoted grandfather. 

According to him, his father would take him but mostly it was his grandfather who did all the dirty work and to take all the time of his life to take care of him and help him every day was something special for him.

Joao Dias with his beautiful wife Bernadette
Joao Dias with his beautiful wife Bernadette. Source: Instagram 
Joao Dias with his wife and sons Ivan and Ruben
Joao Dias with his wife and sons Ivan and Ruben. Source: Instagram 
Early picture of Joao Dias and his wife with their young sons
Early picture of Joao Dias and his wife with their young sons. Source: Instagram

His word of wisdom had the biggest impact on his son

Ruben credits his father's words of wisdom to be the influencing factor for his success.

"I give a lot of credit to him", he said via explaining that the awareness his father has got is a lot better than many people he has known in the football industry and that his father taught him how to see the game which he also doesn't know how he got from.

The number one will always be that his father taught him to look at himself first rather than blaming anyone else for his failures or his team's failures, he added.


He was born on the 12th of July, 1968. He is currently 55 years old.

Ruben threw up in Jack Grealish's mum's handbag

Back in 2023, when Manchester City was celebrating its treble, Ruben threw up in the handbag of Jack Grealish's mother. 

The goalkeeper Ederson told TNT Sports some players don't drink but made an exception. It was the case with Dias but didn't work out. 

Two shots and he threw up everything in Grealish's mother's bag.

After taking a shot, Ruben went to be sick behind the curtain but he didn't realize there was Grealish's mum's handbag.

Ruben joined Manchester City from Benfica in 2020. He has been influential in the club's consecutive league titles and treble. 

He was named Premier League Player of the Season and FWA Footballer of the year 2020/21.

He accidentally headbutted Oasis legend, Noel Gallagher

Joao accidentally headbutted Oasis legend Noel Gallagher as he was celebrating Premier League title celebrations with Manchester City

During an interview with TalkSport in 2022, Gallagher said Ruben Dias's family was a couple of boxes up from him, and with the third goal, he was jumping around lifting his son like a Premier League Trophy but as soon as he turned around, Ruben Dias's dad ran straight into him, headbutted him after which he was on the floor covered in blood.

Gallagher said he didn't see the last two minutes because he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to get stitched up. 

He also labeled Joao as a "bear of a man". "There's not a mark on Dias's dad. He is a big bear of a man. He almost knocked my teeth out", he said.

The Dias family after winning the Premier League Title
The Dias family after winning the Premier League Title. Source: Instagram
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