Who Is Besta Beal? Mother Of Bradley Beal

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Who Is Besta Beal? Mother Of Bradley Beal

Besta Beal is a former college basketball player who played for the Kentucky State Thorobredswomen's basketball team of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

She is married to Bobby Beal, who is a former football player. 

He played for the Kentucky State Thorobreds of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

She is well known for being the mother of Bradley Beal, a  professional basketball player.

She is the mother of five children. She is an American citizen.

Besta Beal's son Bradley Beal.
Besta Beal's son Bradley Beal. Source: Instagram

Besta Son's Married Life

Bradley married his girlfriend, Kamiah Adams.

Professionally she is a model, YouTuber, and television personality

She is quite a famous personality as she was in the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in season 2. 

She stays in the limelight because of her social media post. 

Bradley and Kamiah met each other for the first in a bar in Los Angeles in 2015 because of their mutual friends. 

They got married after dating for five years in 2020. However, their wedding was delayed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. 

They are the parents of two kids Braylon Elias Beal, and Bradley Emmanuel Beal II. The husband and wife are a happily married couple.

Bradley Beal with his wife Kamiah Adams.
Bradley Beal with his wife Kamiah Adams. Source: Instagram


Her son is 29 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 28th June. He is 1.91m tall.

Net Worth

The net worth of Bradley is $40 million. He has gained such wealth as being a basketball player.

Family of Bradley Beal.
Family of Bradley Beal. Source: Instagram

Bradley's Basic Requirements

Bradley revealed some of the important basic needs he cannot live without in an interview with GQ Sports.

He loves playing games, and as a game lover, he cannot live without an Xbox controller.

The phone is another thing that he needs most of the time. 

He revealed his most used apps which are Twitter, Instagram, Safari, and Music.

He loves playing cards while traveling.

He enjoys music during a workout session, traveling, driving, and before games. Hence, the headphone is the other thing he cannot live without.

His iPad is very important to him. 

He watches movies, tv shows, listens to music, etc., through it. It works on behalf of the phone as well for him.

He always carries a toiletry box with him, which includes toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, comb, body wash, lotion, etc.

His favorite snack is skittles. The wallet is the thing that he often checks. He has a lot of shoes.

Why Bradley Was Considered Worthless For The Supermax

Bradley was considered an undeserving person for the Supermax. He was never a positive defender.

He was a bad defender and continuously lost the season. 

But in the last season, with the help of Russell Westbrook, they finally won. He was offered good money for this.

The performance of Bradley was not good enough; hence he was considered unmerited.

Why is Bradley Also Known As Panda?

Bradley is often known as pandas. He is a big-time foodie. He is one with a lot of appetite among his friend's group and eats so much.

He finishes three meals no matter how big it is. His friend usually calls him a big panda since he loves eating.

Bradley's Things That Are Considered Very Costly

Bradley has a good net worth. He earns enough money to buy some of his luxurious items without hesitation.

He is a huge shoe lover. He has shoes of all renowned brands. He has several collections from Nike, Jordan, Classic air force, etc.

He owns a lavish car that ordinary people can't even imagine buying.

He has a collection of watches and chains, which he often does not repeat.

He bought a house for his family just at the age of 20, which is almost unbelievable since people at this usually deal with a lot of problems and struggles.

He owns a silver car, the 911 model. He has other cars as well. However, their model is unknown.

He comes from a family of sports people. He spends a huge amount of money on buying a mansion.

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