Who Is Bradley Emmanuel Beal II? Son Of Bradley Beal

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Who Is Bradley Emmanuel Beal II? Son Of Bradley Beal

Bradley Emmanuel Beal II is the son of professional basketball player Bradley Beal

His mother is Kamiah Adams, an actress. He was born on July 23, 2018. His grandparents are named Besta Beal and Bobby Beal.

Family Of Bradley Emmanuel Beal II
Family Of Bradley Emmanuel Beal II Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Bradley is happily married to Kamiah Adams. They met each other at a club in Los Angeles in 2015

Kamiah made the first move and asked for his phone number. 

Bradley was impressed with her boldness. 

Bradley is a very shy person, and they wouldn't have dated back then if Adams hadn't made the first move. 

They hit off immediately, started dating after their first meeting, and went to the Ferris wheel on their first date. 

Four years later, Bradley proposed to her in the same place they had gone for their first date, the Ferris wheel. 

They welcomed their first child in 2018. They share two kids, Bradley and Braylon Elias Beal. They tied a knot in 2020

They had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic. Adams is her husband's biggest supporter. 

They share a strong bond. They are an NBA power couple.

Bradley Emmanuel Beal II's parents Bradley Beal and Kamiah Adams
Bradley Emmanuel Beal II's parents Bradley Beal and Kamiah Adams Source: Instagram


Bradley Emmanuel is four years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $40 million

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional basketball player. 

Bradley Shares His Essential Things

In an interview with GQ sports, Bradley shares the things he can't live without. 

He mention that he loves to play games. He plays PlayStation and PS4. He also plays online games. So he always carries an Xbox controller with him. 

He is very protective of his controller and dislikes sharing it with anyone. 

He also can't live without his phone like any other human being. He carried a deck of cards with him. 

He plays card with his playmates while traveling. He also taught how to play Booray. 

He loves music, so he can't live without his headphone. 

He always listens to something on his headphones while driving, during workouts and before games. 

His iPad is like his phone. He watches movies, Tv shows and games on his iPad. He also plays games on it. It's like his mini Tv. 

He also carries toiletry bags with him. He loves to munch on Lays. He loves skittles. 

He has a huge collection of shoes. He also likes to dress up. He had to have an outfit on day basis.

Why Bradley's Mom Did Not Talk To Him For Months?

During his sophomore year, he committed to Florida. No one knew about it as he did it very silently. 

He was going through the recruitment process. In his senior year, he was about to sign in. 

He even didn't tell his parents about it. 

The night before he was signed in to Florida, his mom called him and asked him where he was going. 

He said that he was going to Florida. She did not say anything to him. She remained silent. 

The next day he again gave his mother a speech on why he wanted to go to Florida

But his mother wanted him to go to Kansas, which was close to his hometown St. Louis.

His mother wanted him to stay close to home. On the other hand, Bradley wanted to get away from St. Louis.

But he was determined to go to Florida

So they did not talk to each other for two months while living under the same roof. 

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