Who Is Betty Sue Palmer? Mother Of Johnny Depp

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Who Is Betty Sue Palmer? Mother Of Johnny Depp

Betty Sue Palmer is mostly known as the late mother of American actor, producer and painter Johnny Depp

She used to be a waitress. She also worked as a beautician and hostess. She died at the age of 81

Her birthday was in May.

Betty Sue Palmer with her ex-husband and son Johnny Deep
Betty Sue Palmer with her ex-husband and son Johnny Deep Source: Pinterest

Had A Rough Childhood

Betty grew up in a low-income family and had a very tough childhood. 

At the age of 12, she experienced similar hardships as Johnny faced. 

Her mother was also a violent person, and she used to treat her badly and beat her. 

In an interview, Johnny said that his mother used to say she did the same things that her mom did to her. 

Betty was molested by her stepfather when she was just seven years old. It continued till she was twelve

When she turned fourteen, she ran away from her house. 

She got pregnant at a very early age and gave birth to her oldest daughter Christi Dembrowski.

Because of her past, she never bonded with her children too. 

She was very caught up in her life and went through hardship. As a result, she put all her frustration over her children.

Marriage And Children

Betty was married to John Christopher Depp when she was just 20 years of age. 

They met each other when they were just 16. Her ex-husband used to be a civil engineer by profession. 

They had many clashes in their marriage, so they separated in 1985

They were blessed with four children during their marriage. Daniel Depp, Debbie Depp, Christi Dembrowski and Johnny are her four children.

After her divorce, she tied the knot with Edward Palmer.


Betty died in 2016 at the age of 81 years old.

Net Worth

Her son's Johnny net worth is estimated to be $150 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career.

Betty Sue Palmer's son Johnny Depp
Betty Sue Palmer's son Johnny Depp Source: Instagram

Johnny's Relationship With His Mom Betty

Johnny worshipped his mother, but he was not blind to her erratic behavior and mean streak. 

In an interview, Johnny admitted his mother was the meanest human being he had ever met. 

She would give him an irrational beating and throw things at him. 

Sometimes it would be an astray or a phone thrown at him when he used to be a young boy. 

However, he hinted that her childhood made her the way she was. They moved to more than 30 houses by the time he was 14. 

His mother would work double shifts to survive and feed the family. 

When he was back home from work, he used to rub his mother's feet as she counted the money she earned. 

Johnny said that he never had a safe and stable home. His mother used to take nerve pills to calm herself. 

He soon realized that she had taken her pills, and he began to take drugs.

Johnny bought a home for his mother and established a healthy relationship despite these all. 

He never stopped loving his mother. He cared for her when she was at her worst.

Christi Got Emotional While Talking About Her Mother Betty During Her Trail

During her trial Christi was asked how Johnny reacted when he learned the news of their mother's death. 

Johnny was sad but relieved that she had gotten away from her suffering. 

Christi talked about the day when her mother passed away. The next day she went to check on Johnny

He was waiting for his sister at his home to go to the funeral. Everyone, including her grandchildren, gathered on that day for her funeral. 

She went to his house thinking if he might come for Betty's funeral. 

But when she reached there, she noticed that he was upset as he and Amber had been fighting.

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