Who Is Bonnie Wallace? Mother Of Dove Cameron

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Who Is Bonnie Wallace? Mother Of Dove Cameron

Bonnie Wallace is the mother of American actress and singer Dove Cameron. She was born in Baltimore, USA

He has got a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Business. Her ex-husband was Philip Alan Hosterman.

She is an author and also a producer. She is known for her podcasts.

Bonnie Wallace with her father and younger brother
Bonnie Wallace with her father and younger brother Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Bonnie was married to Philip Alan in 1998. They tied the knot in Peshawar in Pakistan. They have two children, and their names are Dove and Claire Hosterman

However, their marriage did not work out. They got divorced. His ex-husband passed away in 2011.

Bonnie Wallace with her ex-husband Philip Alan Hosterman
Bonnie Wallace with her ex-husband Philip Alan Hosterman Source: Instagram

Now, she is married to a man named Simon. The couple tied the knot on 5 August 2021.

Bonnie Wallace with her husband Simon
Bonnie Wallace with her husband Simon Source: Instagram

Death Of First Husband

Philip took his own life. According to sources, he was not straight in his sexual preferences, which might be the possible reason behind his suicide. 

He committed suicide in 2011. Dove loved her father so much, and she misses him all time. She never forgets to post photos of her father on father's day.

Bonnie Wallace with her two daughters, Dove and Claire Hosterman
Bonnie Wallace with her two daughters, Dove and Claire Hosterman. Source: Instagram

Is Bonnie's Daughter Dove Dating Someone?

Before her split from her longtime boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, in 2022, she was not seeing with any celebrities. 

As of now, she seems to be single. She is not dating anyone. 

She has not given any hint or publicly talked about her love affair. 

However, there was a rumor that she was romantically linked to her fellow actress Veronica St. Clair. 

But it was just an assumption made by fans as they saw them being cozy. 

They turned out to be a close friend and were expressing their love for one another.

Bonnie Wallace's daughter Dove Cameron
Bonnie Wallace's daughter Dove Cameron Source: Instagram


Bonnie is 56 years old. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 58 kg.

Net Worth

Bonnie's net worth is estimated to be $1 to $5 million. 

However, her daughter Dove's net worth is $4 million. 

She earns around $100,000 per year. All her income is from her acting career.

Dove's Passion For Art Came From Her Parents

Dove inherited her artistic talents from her creative parents. 

He mom is a novelist and poet, and her father was a pianist and a cook. 

She said that her parents' artistic endeavors definitely affected her personality while growing up. 

Studies also show that creative parents are more likely to have creative children. Dove is an example of that.

Bonnie's Daughter Was Bullied In School

Cameron was bullied by her classmates back in middle school. She was so bullied that she could not bear it and left school. 

A group of mean girls locked her up in a closet. Those bullied even ruined her dress by throwing chocolate milk all over her. 

One day the bullies went too far as to make Dove kill herself. 

Dove does not like to talk bad about her bullies and has moved on in her life.

Dove Reacts To The Death Of Her' Descendants 'Co-Star

In an interview, she talked about the untimely death of Cameron Boyce.

She sat down with her director and co-star for the first after losing her friend. 

He died from an epileptic seizure just at the age of 20

She said that they were healing in the wake of the unexpected death of their co-star. 

The show's director and Cameron talked about how Boyce was full of life, and his energy brought life to the room. 

Dove got into tears while talking about him. 

She struggled to describe her pain for losing such a great friend. 

She even remembered her last conversation with him. 

They normally talked about a press meeting they were supposed to attend together. 

The premiere of the show was dedicated to Boyce.

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