Philip Alan Hosterman

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Philip Alan Hosterman

Philip Alan Hosterman was the late father of Dove Cameron, who is an American actress and singer. 

Philip was married to Bonnie Wallace. Philip and his wife later got divorced from each other.

He had two daughters with Bonnie named Dove and Clarie Hosterman. His nationality was American.

Philip Alan Hosterman with his beautiful ex-wife
Philip Alan Hosterman with his beautiful ex-wife  Source: Instagram

The Relationship Status Of Dove Cameron 

Dove is bisexual by her sexuality. In 2013 Dove dated Ryan McCartan

They met each other a year back before dating on the set. They both stayed together for three years

In the 3rd year, they got engaged, and after six months of their engagement, they got separated. 

Dove also accused her ex-fiancé indirectly, saying that he cheated on her.

After that, she got into a relationship with Doherty Thomas, a Scottish actor. 

They both were caught flirting with each other in several pictures, which clearly shows that they were dating. 

They revealed their relationship in 2017, but they have been dating each other since 2016.

They dated each other for three years. Dove even thought of getting married to him. 

But later, they broke up in December 2020. As of today, Dove is not dating anyone.

About Dove Cameron

Dove’s full name is Dove Olivia Cameron, an American actress and singer born on 15 January 1996.

She kept her name Dove in loving memory of her father as he used to call her Dove

She is the younger daughter of Philip and Bonnie Wallace

She was raised with her older sister Claire Hosterman

She played a dual character in the Disney Channel comedy series Liv and Maddie.  

She has also made her first album by singing in Liv and Maddie's show. 

Her best movies are After We Collided, Shameless, and Descendants. She is currently single.

Philip Alan Hosterman Daughter Dove Cameron
Philip Alan Hosterman Daughter Dove Cameron  Source: Instagram

Dove Suffered From An Injury

In 2018, Dove was seen in ER a hospital. She has a neck and back injury, and her spine and nerves were paining. 

She couldn’t even move her neck. She later posted it on her Instagram and told her fans about it. 

She informed her fans that it was nothing to worry about. She was dancing when this happened, and she was rushed to the hospital.

She was admitted there for a time. Due to her injury, she could not perform in her show “Clueless The Musical.” 

She also said that to avoid further damage to her spine and neck. She should take a rest.

Family of Philip Alan Hosterman
Family of Philip Alan Hosterman  Source: Instagram

Dove Cameron Got Bullied Badly In Her Teen

In her high school, Dove was bullied greatly by her classmates. 

She was harassed by girls many times. She was locked in the closet of a janitor. 

Girls of her class even spilled milkshakes on the dress she made. 

She was frustrated at that period and went through a lot of bullying. 

She was even said to die by the girl mates of her class during a field trip. Despite all these bullies, her mother understood her. 

She gave her own space and let Dove deal with it independently, making her a much stronger woman.

Mistaken Boyfriend As A Playboy 

Dove Cameron gave an interview to the Seventeen where she answered some of the questions  asked to her. 

The very first question that was asked to her was about the embarrassing incident that happened with her. 

She told that she was doing a musical programe on a small town where that small incident happened with her.

In that musical programme she was not even the lead singer and there had a part when every one had to stay frozen.

There at that time she had her friend on the back stage who was crumping and she didn't know what actually happened to her but she made a loud noise on the stage when everyone was frozen. 

She told that it was the most embarrassing moment for her but she is glad that happened with her. 

The another question that was asked to her was about her celebrity crush. Dove told that she loves her boyfriend a lot and she is obsessed with him so her celebrity crush is her boyfriend. 

Although his boyfriend is not a celebrity but for her, he is a celebrity. If she had to name a celebrity rather than her boyfriend then it will be Sofia Vergara or Stella Maxwell.

Dove was then asked about her first date and she told that her first date was not a date, she was somewhere with her partner Thomas and in their first meet she thought that her partner was a playboy and she was trying to ignore him. 

The reason behind Dove thinking about her boyfriend like that was that her boyfriend was too handsome and charismatic.

 Because of that her partner challenge her to stare him and at that time Thomas confessed her telling that he fell in love with her. 

To know more do check the link. 

Dove Called Her Audience Fool 

Dove gave an interview on a podcast where the interviewer asked her some questions, and Dove had to answer that questions. 

It was an interview with a twist as she had to choose a word, and the word that she chose had a question for her. 

The very first question asked to Dove was about her new song, Boyfriend. Dove opened up that she never thought that her new song Boyfriend would be so hit and people would love it. 

She felt that her song was not good enough and it was a complete mess, but after seeing people showering love on her new song, she felt that her song was good. 

She said that many people liked the song, so she managed to fool many people. After that, she was asked about her ick of relationship. 

While answering that question, she said that she had been in many relationships, and she gets too obsessed with the person she is dating and thinks they can never go wrong or do anything wrong. 

She said that the biggest ick for her relationship is someone saying sorry before making any mistake. She also said that women are perfect and they can never go wrong. 

She was then asked about fans assuming her new upcoming song title would be Breakfast, and the interviewer wanted to know if it was true. 

She said that it was not true and she had not thought about launching her new song any time soon. 

She also mentioned that she learned that people can be bad kissers through her past relationship. 

She was then asked about a remake of Descendants, and she said that she wouldn’t do that show again. 

As the Descendants show was already ended and its story had already finished, she said it wouldn’t be possible to remake it.


He was born on 22 July 1944. He died at the age of 67.

Net Worth

Dove Cameron’s net worth is $4 Million.  Her source of income is acting and singing.

She earns through her acting projects. The average salary of an actor in America is $58097 annually.

Philip Alan Hosterman Committed Suicide

Philip took his own life when his younger daughter was 15 years old that was on October 18, 2011

His suicide caused a huge tragedy in his family. His youngest daughter was completely shocked after hearing her father’s death. 

Later her daughter opened up that her family found his dead body in a closet. 

She also said that her father was gay. His daughter was shocked to hear that. 

His daughter also spoke up that her father was very sensitive. 

His daughter misses him so much and has shared several photos of him on her Instagram account.

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