Who Is Brad Hoss? Husband Of Stephanie Beatriz

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Who Is Brad Hoss? Husband Of Stephanie Beatriz

Brad Hoss is the husband of American actress, model and singer Stephanie Beatriz

He is an actor by his profession. He is popularly known for his work in Telling Lies in America

He was born in Ohio. He is an American citizen. 

Brad Hoss with his father and sister
Brad Hoss with his father and sister Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Stephanie is currently married to Brad, an actor. The couple happily tied the knot in 2018

A year before their wedding, they got engaged to each other. 

Talking about their children, they have a daughter named Rosaline Hoss who was born in 2021.

Brad Hoss with his wife Stephanie Beatriz taking their wedding vows
Brad Hoss with his wife Stephanie Beatriz taking their wedding vows Source: Instagram

Was Stephanie Beatriz bisexual?

Stephanie was bisexual when she was a teenager. 

Around the age of 12 or 13, she found herself bisexual and she faced lots of ignorance from her family and friend because of her sexuality.

Brad Hoss's wife Stephanie Beatriz stunning in her outfit
Brad Hoss's wife Stephanie Beatriz stunning in her outfit  Source: Instagram

Age And Height

Brad was born on 22 January 1982 and his current age is 40 years old. He has a height of six feet and one inch.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Stephanie is $10 Million. Her primary source of income is acting, modeling and singing. 

Brad Hoss's wife Stephanie Beatriz and daughter
Brad Hoss's wife Stephanie Beatriz, and daughter Source: Instagram

Wanted To Do Comedy Show

Stephanie opened up on a talk show about her wanting to do a comedy show badly, and she also informed her agent to look for a comedy show. 

She wanted to do something like Parks and Recreation, and then suddenly she got a call from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and she read the script, and she liked that. 

She got the call for Amy Santiago's character. 

One of her favorite casting directors Allison Jones called her for another role, and that was Megan, and she went and gave an audition for both of the characters, and after the audition, she was called for the screen test with Andy Samberg, and she was very nervous at that time, and her screen test as Amy didn't go well. 

But the screen test of her as Megan went well, and she got cast for it.

Meat Bouquet As A Valentine's Day Gift 

Stephanie and her husband both are married to each other since 2018

The couple is very happy in their relationship, and they are very cool as they gift each other amazing gifts. 

On Valentine's day, Stephanie gave her husband a meat bouquet as Valentine's gift, and according to her, it was one of the ways to show her love for her husband as a loving wife. 

She opened up that the idea of gifting salted meat to her loved ones came through Orpah magazine, and she did everything that Orpah said. 

Loves Watching "The Real Housewives"

In an interview with Lilly Singh, Stephanie talked about her obsession with the show The Real Housewives

She said that she watches that show to make herself better, and she loves watching that show.

She also loves all the housewives on the show, and no one is wrong for her. 

She feels those wrong things done by any of the homemakers are correct, and she loves watching how they try to destroy each other to make their show go on, and she likes that.

Stephanie Hated Herself

Stephanie talked about her teen time when she hated the way she was. 

She hated herself, thinking that she was not pretty enough. 

She hated herself for not having a thin body, clear skin, and many more.

Not only her but many teenagers get themselves in that position thinking that they don't look good enough. 

She then showed a picture of herself in which she looked absolutely beautiful. 

She opened up that it was her first glamour shot, and she had to beg in front of her parents to do that photoshoot. 

She was 18 years old, and she revealed that she felt really good while doing that. 

She lived her full, happy moment in that one time.

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