Who Is Bruce Robert Hough? Father Of Julianne Hough

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Who Is Bruce Robert Hough? Father Of Julianne Hough

Bruce Robert Hough is the father of American dancer, actress and singer Julianne Hough. 

He is professionally a politician. He has a total of five children with his wife, Marianne Hough.

Bruce was born and raised in America

Bruce Robert Hough with his wife Marianne Hodge.
Bruce Robert Hough with his wife Marianne Hodge. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Relationship Status

Julianne was married once in her life. 

She was married to Brooks Laich, who is an NHL player. They married in 2017. 

But their marriage didn't turn out as they expected. Hence they officially got separated from each other after the divorce which was finalized in 2022

As of now, Julianne is single.

Bruce Robert Hough's daughter, Julianne Hough
Bruce Robert Hough's daughter, Julianne Hough. Source: Instagram


His daughter Julianne is 33 years old. Her height is 1.6 meters.

Net Worth

The net worth of Julianne is $10 Million. Her main source of income is professional dancer, singer, and actress.

Julianne Dream Job

Julianne has been a judge in one of the greatest shows in the world, America's Got Talent. 

She expressed in an interview that it was her dream to be a part of such a beautiful show. 

She also revealed that she doesn't feel like doing a job while she was on the set. 

She said that she just went to set, sit on her seat, and enjoyed herself. 

She spoke about how she feels so amazed after seeing people showing brilliant talents. 

She also said that she was blessed to be a part of people's journeys and see people achieving their dream. 

Back in the days when she was new to the show, she felt it a bit difficult to respond and provide her reviews after each performance; hence, she didn't go first most of the time.

Julianne's Article Became A Big Deal

Julianne published an article relating to women's health where she talked about herself, her body, and her feelings. 

She thought she was expressing herself among her fans and followers, but it soon became a matter of discussion. 

It became a big deal as she leaned toward not being straight. 

She also revealed by her own will that she was not straight sexually. 

She said she didn't name her sexuality and denied naming the relationship she was interested in. 

Moreover, she came from a conservative family where everything was not accepted. 

Coming out of that stereotyped thinking, she felt proud of herself.

Derek Makes Julianne Jealous

Julianne and her brother Derek are both dancers. Being dancers, they often are seen dancing at events. 

According to Julianne, they don't need to dance, but Derek makes the first move. 

The AGT judge revealed that Derek starts to dance to call out people to dance with him, and Julianne being a dancer, cannot hold herself back from dancing. 

Hence they both end up dancing on any occasion even though they don't have to. 

They do enjoy dancing at every party or event. 

Julianne also revealed that there was not an event that they didn't dance on.

Julianne Was In Years Of Pain

Julianne was taken into hospital in an emergency manner in 2008. She was found to be suffering from endometriosis.

The disease was a complex one as it was hard to be detected. She was having chronic pain a lot. 

She never showed her pain to the world but she was in great pain. But on that day, she couldn't resist her pain. 

She was quickly rushed to the hospital, where she got surgery. 

She was brought into normal conditions after the surgery but still occasionally has chronic pain.

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