Who Is Marriann Hough? Mother Of Julianne Hough

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Who Is Marriann Hough?  Mother Of Julianne Hough

Marriann Hough is a celebrity mother. She is the mother of a beautiful dancer, singer, and actress, Julianne Hough

Marriann Hough's husband Bruce Robert Hough and daughter Julianne Hough.
Marriann Hough's husband, Bruce Robert Hough, and daughter Julianne Hough. Source: Instagram

About Her Family

Marriann fell in love with her husband, Bruce Robert Hough. The couple dated for a long period of time. 

She decided to get married to him after a period of dating phase. They have five children. 

The couple welcomed their first child, Sharee Hough, on July 22, 1977. 

Marriann often says that her eldest child is the responsible kid who has always done well in her education and has helped her since she was a kid.

The duo was again pregnant with a baby girl Marbeth Hough on November 26, 1980. They had their third child Katherine Hough in 1984. 

After a year, the family welcomed the first baby boy, Derek Hough, in 1985. 

He is also a talented ballroom dancer, choreographer, actor, and singer. 

He was mainly known among the fan for being a professional dancer on the ABC dance competition series Dancing with the Stars.

After three years, they welcomed the youngest member of the family, Julianne, in 1988. 

Her birthday falls on July 20. She is a famous dancer, singer, and actor like her brother Derek.

Marriann Hough with her husband Bruce Robert Hough
Marriann Hough with her husband Bruce Robert Hough Source: Instagram


Her daughter Julianne is 33 years old

Net Worth

Her youngest daughter is a dancer, actor, and singer with a net worth of $10 million.

Marriann Hough's daughter Julianne Hough.
Marriann Hough's daughter Julianne Hough. Source: Instagram

Julianne Is Excited About Derek's Engagement

Derek has been dating his love, Hayley Erbert, for a long time. 

During the 27th Annual Tony Award, when Julianne heard the news of Derek proposing to his partner, she was more than happy

She also said she loves her brother and she also loves Haley.

She was more than happy to know the news and said that she knew it was coming but was waiting for that day.

Marriann Hough with her son Derek Hough.
Marriann Hough with her son Derek Hough. Source: Instagram

Simon Taught Julianne How To Say No On America's Got Talent

During America's Got Talent, when Julianne was new as a judge, it was hard for her to say no or hit the Red X button. 

Once in a performance that was very bad when all the other judges hit red in five seconds, Julianne said she was new and wanted the performance to keep going. 

But afterward, in another 5 sec, it turns out that she also pressed the Red X button and apologized to the contestant.

Simon said it's nothing and it's okay to say no if needed. 

She claimed she wanted to say no, but she got nervous because she was new as a judge. 

But afterward, as the show moved, she learned to say no and pressed the X button quickly if she didn't like the performance.

Julianna Got Divorced From Her Husband, Brooks Laich

Brooks Laich did not want to end his relationship with Julianne. Her actions caused the breakup between them. 

Brooks said he did not want that but felt pushed towards it because of how Julianne behaved. 

Julianne is not doing great and is upset since they split after nearly three years of marriage. 

They divorced because Julianne spent much of her time with Ben Barnes.

Julianne Hough with her husband Brooks Laich.
Julianne Hough with her husband, Brooks Laich. Source: Pinterest

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