Who Is Bruno Dalic? Son Of Zlatko Dalic

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Who Is Bruno Dalic? Son Of Zlatko Dalic

Bruno Dalic is famously known to be the celebrity son of Zlatko Dalic. 

Zlatko is a talented and hardworking professional soccer coach and former footballer from Croatia who manages the Croatia national team and led the team to finish runner-up at the Fifa World Cup 2018

Bruno's mother's name is Davorka Dalic. 

Family of Bruno Dalic. Source
Family of Bruno Dalic. Source: Instagram

Bruno's Parents Have Completed Three Decades Of Togetherness

Bruno's parents, Zlatko and Davorka, met and fell in love many years ago. The couple dated and were in a beautiful relationship. 

They decided to get married and exchanged vows in the 90s. The couple officially became husband and wife in 1992. 

Bruno celebrated his parent's silver jubilee with close friends and family in 2017

It has been more than three decades of their togetherness. The couple has always been each other's back. 

Their love, support, and respect have led them to a beautiful married life. 

The couple bought a beautiful property in Drava, the family spot for chilling time.

Parents of Bruno Dalic.
Parents of Bruno Dalic. Source: Pinterest

Are His Parents Private About Their Relationship?

Yes, both couple is private about their relationship. 

They have shared very little information about their married life and have successfully managed to keep the relationship out of the limelight. 

Zlatko also has shared very few pictures with his wife. 

The latest one we can find in his Instagram profile is where the couple is attending some kind of function. 

Zlatko is spotted wearing a black suit and white shirt, whereas Davorka's beauty is complimented by the black one-piece, which has a polka dot on it.

Age And Net Worth

Bruno is 24 years old. Bruno's dad Zlatko is 65 years old. He was born on the 26th of November,1966, in Livno, Bosnia.

Bruno's net worth is unknown, but he lives a happy life with his dad, whose net worth is around 1.5 million dollars.

Is Bruno A Single Child?

You may wonder if Bruno is a single child, but if you think so, you are completely incorrect. 

He has an older brother named Toni Dalic. Toni is the family's eldest child and is 29 years old, i.e., five years older than Bruno

Both the brothers were grown up and brought up together by their parents. 

Toni has already completed his graduation and is interested in the field of Football management, due to which he has also experienced being a director at a football club named Varazin.

Bruno has just completed his bachelor's in 2021. Both brothers have an interest in football.

People In Croatia Praise Dalic's Hard Work 

In an interview with local people in Croatia, people praised Dalic's work and said that no one could doubt his hard work and talent. 

People praised how he raised the team and made them strong like never before. 

According to the people of Croatia, there were players already, but he made the team, and that is how they achieved the goals. 

For the first time in history, the players were able to reach the finals in the World Cup 2018, beating many other strong teams like England, Brazil, and Argentina.

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