Who Is Toni Dalic? Handsome Son Of Zlatko Dalic

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Who Is Toni Dalic? Handsome Son Of Zlatko Dalic

Toni Dalic is the son of a professional former football player of the Croatian football club and football manager of the Croatian national team Zlatko Dalic

He was born in 1993 in Varazdin, Croatia.

Parents of Toni 

Toni was born to and  Zlatko. The couple got married in 1992.

Davorka Dalic is mostly seen as an audience supporting her husband's professional life. 

How did they meet each other?

His parents met each other at their high school study in Livno, where they used to study together.      

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Siblings of Toni

Toni was the eldest child born in the Dalic family. He has a younger brother named Bruno Dalic. He was born in Split, Croatia

Toni Dalic's father Zlatko Dalic with brother Bruno Dalic
Toni Dalic's father Zlatko Dalic with brother Bruno Dalic Source: Pinterest

Where is the brother engaging?

Toni is an IT Engineer by profession and also works as a part-time Disc Jockey (DJ)

Bruno is a student of management studying at American University in Zagreb, Croatia.

Age and Net Worth

The age of Toni Dalic is 29 years old. The net worth of Toni is under review. 

Instead, the net worth of his father, Zlatko, is $9 million. 

Zlatko was on the list of the most expensive coach in the world cup, with an annual salary of $537,000. 

Introduction of Zlatko

Zlatko was born on October 26, 1966. 

The 55 years old professional former football player was born in Livno, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia. 

He was a defensive midfielder. Currently, he is the professional football manager of the Croatia national team.

Croatia is a small country but a proud country, as per Zlatko

When Croatia went to the final match of the FIFA world cup 2018, it was a dream come true for Zlatko said by him. 

In an interview, he said that beating Argentina and Lionel Messi was a fantastic feeling because, in the last ten years, Messi was the best player for him. 

There was some disrespect too for Croatia in the semi-final as it was said they were going to lose, but after the second half, the team had a great comeback as everybody gave everything from their side, as per Zlatko.

When Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and England went home as Croatia entered in final, Zlatko thought he had reached his dream. 

The reason behind Croatia's football history is backward 

In an interview, the football manager Zlatko said that the Croatia league is not stronger because they just have ten teams or ten clubs and don’t have enough money for a good facility. 

But the Croatian don’t care about the good facility. They just need good training for the game. 

According to the example of Zlatko, the lack a good stadium for playing. 

He said that everybody promised to make a new stadium and build something, but so far, nothing has been developed. 

He said that football in Croatia would go so far if Croatia had a good economic condition like England. 

Handling anxiety and the strongest point in the team

While going through the preparation for FIFA World Cup 2018, when Zlatko was asked about how to handle the anxiety of the team, he said that the most important time for the team is to fight for the World Cup

The team would have time to prepare for everything for the world cup, and now the time is very tough for them, but he has trust in his team. 

He had expected that everybody was ready and they would be in optimal form and healthy for every game. 

Many injuries occur during the games, so he hoped everyone would be fit. 

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