Bryson Rashard Bryant- Tragedy Of NeNe Leakes Son

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Bryson Rashard Bryant- Tragedy Of NeNe Leakes Son

Bryson Rashard Bryant is the son of American TV personality NeNe Leakes. 

Bryson is well known for showing his appearance in the reality TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

His biological dad is unknown, but he had a stepdad named Gregg Leakes, who died. 

Bryson has a half-brother named Brentt Leakes. He was born in the year 1989. He is an American by his nationality. 

Bryson Rashard Bryant's brother and mom.
Bryson Rashard Bryant's brother and mom. Source: Instagram

Dating History

Bryson had been in relationships with many women previously. He was dating a woman named Ashley Hill, and they both shared two sons and a daughter. 

Their daughter's name is Bri'asisa Bryant. Bryson's mother was the one who revealed about his daughter in 2012.

Their son's name is Brayden Bryant, and the other child is Lil Benny. 

Bryson also dated Marina Robinson in 2012. They met each other for the first time in an Atlanta club, and after that, they started dating. 

Their relationship started to be ruined when Marina got pregnant, and later it was known that Bryson was not the father of Mariana’s child. 

In 2017, Bryson dated Symone Davis for a short time. Symone has a baby boy whom she claimed is of Bryson.

She also accused Bryson of not providing her with financial support for their child. 

Although she claimed her child to be Bryson's son, she denied undergoing a DNA test, and because of that, Bryson's mom, NeNe, didn't accept Symone's child as her grandchild. 

As of 2023, Bryson's love life is unknown. 

Bryson Rashard Bryant with his daughter.
Bryson Rashard Bryant with his daughter. Source: Twitter

Age And Net Worth 

Bryson is 33 years old. He has a net worth of $1 Million. His source of income is a TV celebrity. 

Bryson Was Jailed For Three Months

Bryson’s pictures were leaked into the internet, where he and his friend were found to be partying in his own house in Gwinnett County.

One of his friends reported that, with drinking and smoking, they were also involved in taking drugs and marijuana. 

They were having a hard party in their house. But it was not the first time he was found using the substance. 

In 2013, he was also arrested on a DUI charge and ordered to go to rehab and attend mandatory DUI classes. 

But he didn’t do what the court ordered him to do. He died to join the DUI classes and didn’t appear in the classes. 

For this, he was sent to prison for three months. Even in 2015, he got into a Taco Bell check and was found doing some illegal stuff. 

But fortunately, he was let go at that time with some advisories only.

Bryson Was Kicked Out

As Bryson's mother is part of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bryon was always in the public eye.

He had a lot of drama with his mother, Nene. It was so extreme that Nene kicked Bryson out of the house. 

It was embarrassing for Bryson to be kicked out on national television. But they had a truce after some time, and he was again welcomed in the house. 

But after that moment, Bryson was rarely seen in front of the media. He was doing everything privately and carrying his own life. 

There still were a lot of dramas, but he stayed away from cameras as much as possible.

Bryson Is Good As Dead

Bryson had multiple affairs and partners throughout his life, which has still not stopped. 

Not just he dates many girls, but he also had kids with many of them. One of the girl that Bryson slept with was Symone David

Symone and Bryson were seen together multiple times, and Symone stated that Blaze was their child. 

She revealed that Bryson was as good as dead as being a father because he was never present on any occasion for his child.

But according to Bryson, Blaze is not his son. He revealed that it was all a publicity stunt Symone carried for fame and attention. 

As Symone denied doing a paternity test, the matter seems on the side of Bryson and his claims.

Nene Lost Her Husband And Son

Nene was married to Gregg Leakes twice, and they were very strong as partners after their second marriage. 

But unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t see a happy ending as cancer took away her husband in 2018

He was suffering from colon cancer, and the doctors told him it was too late. 

Nene had already lost someone close to her in 2018, but in 2022, she also lost her younger son.  

Her son suffered from a heart stroke. According to the doctors, the real reason for the heart stroke was unclear as there were no valid reasons. 

But as Nene has blood clots in her lungs, her genes could have affected her son’s heart.

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