Who Is Cailey Sofia? Daughter Of Maurice Benard

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Who Is Cailey Sofia? Daughter Of Maurice Benard

Cailey Sofia is the daughter of actor Maurice Benard. She was born in 1994. Her birthday falls on 18th September. Her mother name is Paula Smith.

She has three siblings: Joshua, Cassidy, and Heather. She is married to Carlos and has kids, too. 

Cailey Sofia with her husband.
Cailey Sofia with her husband. Source: Facebook

Parent's Married life

Maurice is happily married to Paula Smith. They tied the knot in 1990

They have three kids from their marriage, and he adopted his wife's younger sister, Heather, after her mother's death. 

They met in the early 1990s when Maurice was filming a television movie in New York. They have been together ever since. 

Parents of Cailey Sofia.
Parents of Cailey Sofia. Source: Facebook


Cailey is 29 years old.

Net worth

Cailey's father Maurice's net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Family of Cailey Sofia.
Family of Cailey Sofia. Source: Facebook

Maurice Talked About Working In The General Hospital

Maurice played the role of Sonny Corinthos in the daytime television soap opera General Hospital, which aired in 1963

The show celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2023. He said the show gave him everything. 

The show has 61 seasons, and they are connected to people's lives daily through the show. He said he was proud of the show. 

Maurice was supposed to be in only for a year in the show when he joined the cast, but he ended up being in the front for thirty years. 

He said through that show, he could give his family a life that he imagined. 

He shared it was awful when he played the role of Sonny in the show. He didn’t like it at first and promised himself that if he got bored of his position within six months, he would leave the show, but he never got bored. 

He added the audience related to his character and loved him. 

Maurice's Son Joined Him In The Show General Hospital

Maurice's son Joshua joined the cast of General Hospital in 2022 as a recurring character. 

Maurice shared that his son told him he wanted to be an actor when he was 13.He told his son to relax. 

He told Joshua that he has been through a lot and struggled with mental health in his acting career, but his son insisted on pursuing his career in acting. 

Maurice told him that he would train him for 30 days straight and teach him whatever he had learned over the year as an actor and see what he could do. 

A month later, his son came to his room and asked if he could do a monologue. 

He said when his son was halfway through his monologue, he knew he would be a great actor. He got emotional talking about him. 

Maurice Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder At The Age Of 22

Back in the day, bipolar disorder was a stigma. 

In the show General Hospital, he played the role of Sonny, who was dealing with bipolar, but it was personal to him because he was diagnosed with bipolar at 22. 

In an interview, Maurice revealed that he didn’t disclose his disorder as he thought he wouldn’t get hired in the show and the director would think he would go insane on set. 

Maurice wrote an article about his experience with bipolar at a mental institution, and a little boy wrote a letter telling him that his article helped him get through his brother's death, who committed suicide. 

After that day, he decided to talk about it openly, and he has been doing so till now.

Maurice shared that the pandemic significantly affected his mental health, and he has been to the darkest places. 

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