Who Is Paula Smith? Wife Of Maurice Benard

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Who Is Paula Smith? Wife Of Maurice Benard

Paula Smith is the wife of Maurice Benard who is an American actor. She has three daughters, Cailey and Cassidy, and her adopted daughter, Heather Rose.

Children of Paula Smith.
Children of Paula Smith. Source: Facebook

Paula's Tough Childhood In Her Chaotic Home 

Maurice talked about his wife Paula being his favorite person and how getting her back on a TV show took a while. 

He told a story about when they first met. Paula didn’t let him pick her up from her house because she lived with many people. 

But he didn’t care; they had been together for over 30 years

Paula also opened up about her tough childhood in Texas. She delt with poverty and her mom’s drug problems. 

She found comfort in animals, church, and school, especially with a caring fourth-grade teacher. 

Paula didn’t took same path as her mother despite being in a chaotic home with drugs. 

Paula also talked about protecting her brother from their abusive mom and how her dad's leaving affected her. 

Her mom took out her anger on her brother because he looked like their dad. 

Paula met her dad when she was a teenager, but it was not as good as she had hoped. 

Paula And Maurice's Difficulties In Relationship 

When Paula and Maurice first started dating, she felt guilty for rejecting him at first. She didn’t think she was good enough for him. 

But she enjoyed dating other people too, and she didn’t mind when Maurice missed their first date. 

Paula Smith with her husband, Maurice Benard.
Paula Smith with her husband, Maurice Benard. Source: Facebook

They got together, and their relationship started gracefully. 

At first, Paula didn’t think she would care much about Maurice, but after their first kiss, she realized they had something special. 

They started dating, and Paula moved in with Maurice

But Maurice was not ready to settle down even though Paula stayed with him because she didn’t have a better option and didn’t want to return to her difficult home life. 

She focused on her goals and finished high school. 

Paula also talked about how she supported Maurice during his tough times, especially when he had manic episodes. 

Her upbringing with her mom’s drug problems made her less scared of Maurice’s behavior. 

She didn’t want to leave him and related his actions to what she had seen with her mom on drugs. 

Paula didn’t blame Maurice for his manic episode because she understood it wasn’t something he chose. 


Paula was born on January 10, 1975. She is 66 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Maurice's net worth is about $2 Million

Family of Paula Smith.
Family of Paula Smith. Source: Facebook

Maurice's Commitment Issues With Paula 

Paula talked about the difficulties she had in her relationship with Maurice

She needed more love and commitment, which Maurice was not ready to give. 

Maurice had a dream where Paula died, making him realize he couldn’t lose her. 

So he called her in the middle of the night, and they got back together. Maurice had a tough time in his acting career. 

Paula also talked about a scary situation where she felt unsafe and had to seek help from a neighbor to protect herself because of Maurice.

Paula and Maurice shared about their love for children and animals. 

Paula enjoys seeing their kids grow up and how important family, kids, and animals are to her. 

She also mentioned their adopted daughter Heather and how touching it was when Heather asked if she could call her mom. 

Paula also mentioned her battle with cancer and how the pandemic affected them, but they realized the importance of hoping and being positive. 

And things got better for them after the pandemic. Maurice's book was released, and he won two awards.  

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