Who Is Cathy White? Mother Of Shaun White

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Who Is Cathy White? Mother Of Shaun White

Cathy White is the mother of American snowboarder Shaun White. She is married to Roger White

She has three children, including Shaun, with her husband, Roger. Cathy used to work as a waitress

She is an American.

Cathy White's husband Roger White and son Shaun White
Cathy White's husband Roger White and son Shaun White Source: Instagram

Son's Relationship Status

In 2022, Shaun is in a relationship with actress Nina Dobrev

The couple started dating each other back in 2019 after meeting at an event that was happening in Florida. 

They kept their relationship private in 2019 but later opened up about it publicly in 2020

Shaun White with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev
Shaun White with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev Source: Instagram

Shaun's Past Dating Life

Before getting into a relationship with Nina, Shaun had an affair with Sarah Barthel

Shaun began dating Sarah in 2013

They had a long relationship as the couple dated each other for six years straight. 

They ended their affair in 2019.


Shaun is 35 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Shaun is $65 Million. His source of income is snowboarding.

Cathy White with her son Shaun White
Cathy White with her son Shaun White Source: Instagram

Unknown About Girlfriend’s Fame

Shaun started dating actress Nina Dobrev back in 2019

They couple met each other at an event in Florida. 

In an interview, Shaun opened up that he didn’t know who Nina was when they met each other for the first time. 

He opened up that he went on a date with Nina where a person came and asked to take a photo with Nina.

A fan of Nina came and asked Shaun to take his/her photo with Nina

When Nina was looking for a table, another fan came and asked him for getting a photo with Nina

He had no idea what was happening over. 

He didn’t know about Nina’s fame, and because of all the things happening over there, he realized that he was with a famous person. 

The Feeling Of Getting Old

Shaun is well known as a snowboarder, and he opened up that he was 19 years old when he started going to the Olympics and snowboarding, and he was one of the youngest snowboarders at that time. 

But as he is 35 years old, some of the announcer's talks like he is old now. 

Shaun opened up that he used to be one of the youngest athletes on his team, and he used to feel that was physically fit, but it was not for a long time when he met some other competitors who were younger than him. 

Some of them were 17 years old, and when he saw them, he feels like he was older, although he was just 19 years at that time. 

When he saw his junior competitors, he felt that they will have an attitude toward them, but things were different as they came and told Shaun that they played their video games.

But now, as he is growing older, he is facing many challenges while snowboarding.

Suffered Rare Heart Condition

In the interview with Jimmy, Shaun opened up that he was born with a rare heart condition. 

He opened up that after his birth, he turned blue, and his parents were very worried about him, and as they had no idea about what was happening to their son.

So they called the doctor, and he was kept inside the tube. 

It was found that his heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot, and he had to go through three surgeries because of that. 

Thankfully he got fine after the surgeries. 

Although his parents knew about everything, they didn’t stop him from doing anything. 

Can’t Live Without A Pillow 

In the interview with GQ, Shaun talked about some of his most things that he can’t live without. 

The first thing he talked about, the thing that he can’t live, was a pillow. 

As he keeps on traveling a lot and as planes don’t provide blanket and pillows, he carries his own pillow from his home. 

The pillow is of silk, and he told that his pillow doesn’t give him wrinkles. 

The second thing was a guitar, and he loves playing. 

Another was a money clip that saves him from losing his money, and the clip he uses has a great grip, and it is with him for many years. 

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