Who Is Roger White? Father Of Shaun White

by Manisha Wed Mar 23 2022 Updated On Sat Sep 10 2022
Who Is Roger White? Father Of Shaun White

Roger White is the father of Olympian skateboarder Shaun White

He has three children two sons and a daughter, Shaun, Jesse and Kari.

His wife is Cathy White. He used to work in the San Clemente water department.  

Roger was born and raised in California. He is American.

Roger White's wife Cathy White with son Shaun White
Roger White's wife Cathy White with son Shaun White Source: Instagram

Is Roger’s Son Shaun Dating Nina Dobrev?

Shaun has been dating Vampire Dairies fame Nina Dobrev for a long time. 

The dating rumor started when they were seen being cozy on a bike ride in Malibu in 2020

They tried to keep their relationship secret for a while but officially announced their love through an Instagram post where Nina is seen as the hairstylist for Shaun

When the pandemic hit, Nina moved in with Shaun, and from then they are living together.

Nina showed her love through her sweet birthday wish for him. 

On Valentine's day, Shaun penned down a love note for Nina.

Shaun White with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev
Shaun White with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev Source: Instagram

How Did He Meet His Lady Love, Nina?

They met at a seminar. Shaun was invited to speak at a Tony Robbins house. 

He also attended one of Tony’s events in Florida. Nina was one of the guests there. 

He actually did not know about her when they first met. 

They went to a restaurant, and Nina arranged a table for them. 

The waitress to which she was talking was shocked and raised the menu over her face to hide. 

At first, he thought that she used his name as an excuse to get a table. 

He did not have any idea about her stardom. 

After that, he found out that she is a celebrity when the staff came to her and asked her to click a photo with them. 


Shaun is 35 years old

Net Worth

Shaun's net worth is estimated to be $60 million. He has this net worth because of his outstanding skateboarding career. 

He is listed as one of the most richest skateboarders in the world.

Roger White with his son Shaun White
Roger White with his son Shaun White  Source: Instagram

Nina Couldn't Come To the Olympics To Support Shaun 

Shaun competed in Beijing Olympics

Due to the pandemic, she was not allowed to attend the Olympics

Her visa was not approved, so she could not go, and she watched him from home.

Shaun Got Emotional 

Three-time Gold medalist Shaun ended his career on February 10, 2022.

He hit the slope final time at Beijing Winter Olympics. He thanked everyone for the support. 

When the host connected him with his family and girlfriend through video call. He burst into tears. 

It was very emotional moment for him as he loves snowboarding, and it’s been his life. 

He had already spoken about his retirement. 

Through his social media, he confirmed that Beijing Olympics would be the last competition of his career. 

Roger White's son Shaun White
Roger White's son Shaun White Source: Instagram

Facts About Shaun

He was born with a heart defect, and he had to go through open-heart surgery when he was less than one year. 

He became a professional skateboarder at the age of 16. He was trained by Tony Hawk

He is the first athlete to win the Summer as well as Winter X Games in two different spots.

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