Who Is Charles Jordan? Father Of Wynonna Judd

by Manisha Sun Nov 06 2022 Updated On Tue Jan 24 2023
Who Is Charles Jordan? Father Of Wynonna Judd

Charles Jordan is the biological father of American country singer Wynonna Judd

He has a daughter Wynonna from her ex-girlfriend Naomi Judd, a singer, and actress. He abandoned his then-girlfriend and daughter.

He died back in 2000 at the age of 56.

Charles Jordan's ex-girlfriend, Naomi Judd, and their daughter, Wynonna Judd.
Charles Jordan's ex-girlfriend, Naomi Judd, and their daughter, Wynonna Judd. Source: Instagram

Is Wynonna Married?

Wynonna is happily married to drummer Cactus Moser. They tied the knot back in 2012

They were friends for a decade before getting into a romantic relationship. 

She said that he was the most supportive and trustworthy man she had ever met in her life. 

She was married twice before she started dating Cactus. Wynonna said that when she lost her mother, it was the darkest phase of her life and her husband was the one who came as a light in her life. 

Both of them have kids from their previous partners. They do not have kids together. 

Wynonna Judd with her loving husband, Cactus Moser.
Wynonna Judd with her loving husband, Cactus Moser. Source: Instagram


His daughter, Wynonna, is 58 years old

Net Worth

His daughter, Wynonna's net worth is estimated to be $12 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress.

Wynonna's Second Husband Was Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Wynonna got married to D.R. Roach in 2003. They got separated in 2007. Her ex-husband was arrested for a serious crime. 

He was charged with sexually assaulting a minor and found guilty too. 

When she found out about such a disturbing crime, she immediately left him and filed for a divorce. 

In an interview, she said when she knew about it within an hour, she was done with him. 

She even knew the victim's parents and said they were in the process of healing. 

That incident left a huge scar on her. She went to therapy and slowly overcame her painful experience. 

Wynonna And Her Mother's Relation Was Full Of Ups And Downs

Wynonna rose to fame after singing along with her mother's side. Her mother was a legendary country music singer. 

The mother-daughter duo spent years singing on stage together. But it was not always the same for them. 

They had a reality TV show called The Judds, and in that show, it was clear that Wynonna and her mother didn't tune in with each other, and their relationship was not perfect. 

Her mother later revealed that both of them were going through rough times then, so they needed a break from each other. 

The mother-daughter duo worked on their relationship, and she joined her daughter on her tour and sang together on the stage after many years. 

Guitar Was Wynonna's Secret Weapon 

Wynonna loved to sing with her mother when she was young. She loved music even more after she was given the guitar. 

She started learning cords on her own. She said she used to sing and play guitar all day. 

She used to practice singing for several hours, sitting on the porch. Her journey as an artist began when she was a kid. 

She moved to Tennessee with her mother after RCA Records signed them.

They showed the video of them singing to them, and the record label called them. She said the room was full of men. 

She added she was nervous then, but when she held her guitar, she didn't feel anything and was so confident that she could even sing in front of 10 thousand people. 

Fans Highly Criticized Wynonna

Wynonna always had a loyal fan base, but her fans criticized her when she got pregnant with her partner before getting married. 

She publicly announced the news of her pregnancy and thought it was the right thing to do. 

She said she was very excited to be a mother, but her values were questioned. Later her fans wished her wonderful life with her kid. 

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