Who Is Charles W. Mulaney Jr.? Father Of John Mulaney

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Who Is Charles W. Mulaney Jr.? Father Of John Mulaney

Charles W. Mulaney Jr. is the dad of standup comedian, writer, actor, and producer John Mulaney. He is a lawyer by profession and was a partner in a law firm in Chicago

He was married to Ellen Mulaney, who worked as a secretary. His parents got divorced when he was a teenager. He was of Irish descent

Charles W. Mulaney Jr.'s son and wife.
Charles W. Mulaney Jr.'s son and wife. Source: Pinterest

Who Is John Dating Now?

John is in a relationship with Olivia Munn. Prior, he was married to Anna Marie Tendler. They were married for more than a decade. 

In 2021 he filed for a divorce and went to rehab for a month, and after he recovered, he moved out of his house from his ex-wife. 

Then he went to LA, where he met Olivia, and they started dating. 

In the same year, John revealed they were expecting a baby together. 

In an interview, John said he is much happier and better with his girlfriend and baby. 

John Mulaney with his partner and their son.
John Mulaney with his partner and their son. Source: Instagram


His son John is 40 years old

Net Worth

His son John's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

John Lived In Jimmy Kimmel's Guest House For Few Weeks

John was in rehab for two months. After he was out and he went to LA and called Jimmy

In his show, Jimmy asked why he came to his house instead of his friends. 

John said that Jimmy was an entertaining guy to hang out with and was very kind to people who came over for dinner at his house. 

John recalled that Jimmy once said it's always open if anyone needs to stay in his guest house, 

He lived in Jimmy's house for a few weeks. Then, he revealed that he work out in Jimmy's wife's shoes. 

He said he was treated well in his guest house. He joked that Jimmy became his sugar daddy.

John Talked About Going To Vegas And Usher Concert

John went to Vegas to do some shows. He said he planned his days in Vegas and only wanted to focus on his shows. 

By the end of the third day, he was in his bathing suit playing baccarat at a casino, arguing with someone about whether his baby was counted as under 18 or not. 

He said he didn’t know that his son was also counted as a person there. 

He planned his nights after the show and went out for dinner, and one night, he went to the Usher show

He said that Usher was king of Vegas as he had a big show in Vegas

He didn’t know the name of the song Usher was singing on stage, but he had heard most of his songs while he was getting his hair done. 

He said there were too many VIPs in the show. He shared that at one point; Usher was singing and dancing on the skateboard. 

He even paused his show to show his love for the audience. He said a canon exploded, and money fell from Sky. 

He kneeled to collect Usher's money.

Facts About John

John knew Seth Meyers way before they were SNL co-stars. His parents were Georgetown classmates with Bill Clinton.

He has five siblings. He produced a sitcom, Mulaney, but it lasted 13 episodes as the show's rating was not good. 

His great-grandfather George J. Bates was the mayor of a town in the early 20th century.

He was inspired by the character Lucy to be a comedian. His birthday falls on August 26. John auditioned for Home Alone.

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