Ellen Mulaney- John Mulaney Mother Went Same School As Bill Clinton

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Ellen Mulaney- John Mulaney Mother Went Same School As Bill Clinton

Ellen Mulaney is the mother of popular American comedian, actor, and writer John Mulaney. Ellen is a senior law professor at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. 

Ellen, who had also worked for the Illinois State Board of Ethics as a member for ten years, is now serving for the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness. 

She had completed her graduation from Yale Law School in 1974 and graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. 

It is revealed that Ellen's husband is also a lawyer. Ellen has four children with her husband, Charles W. Mulaney, Jr. Their third child John is a Comedian, while his sister Clarie Mulaney is a TV writer. 

They also have an elder sister who is Carolyn Mulaney. Ellen's daughter Clarie and Carolyn are closer to each other as Carolyn frequently posts their childhood photo on her social media.

Ellen Mulaney with her husband Charles W. Mulaney, Jr. and kids John, Peter, Clarie and Carolyn Mulaney
Ellen Mulaney with her husband Charles W. Mulaney, Jr. and kids John, Peter, Clarie and Carolyn Mulaney. Source: Instagram

John Mulaney joked about his parents and Bill Clinton attending the same school

Ellen's son John has joked about his parents several times. He has involved his catholic father, Charles W. Mulaney, Jr., as a part of his intention to make people laugh. 

John had once spoken about his meeting with Bill Clinton at the earlier age of nine. He joked about his parents and their views regarding the former president of the United States

He said that his parents were in the same school where Bill Clinton had studied. 

As he continues, he explains that his mother was impressed because of the charming looks of Bill Clinton, whereas his father did not use to appreciate him so much. 

He describes how he and his mother had gone to meet Bill despite his father having objected. He jokes about the scenario and reveals as the meeting was the best moment of his life.

Unknown about Geese fact

John Mulaney gave an interview on the Stephen Colbert show where he talked about his busy schedule, geese, and many more John opened up that he had been very busy as he was doing a lot of traveling. 

Because of all the traveling and his busy schedule, he said he doesn't remember his Articles and proportion. 

The interview asked John if he had kids, and for that, he replied that he didn't have kids but a dog. 

He named his tour Kids Gorgeous. He was with his wife in a restaurant and called out many names until his wife laughed; at that time, his wife Ana laughed out hard when he named Kid Gorgeous, so he decided to name his tour Kid Gorgeous.

He said that he loved Old fashioned things, and Kid Gorgeous was kind of that. He then opened up about his comeback to New York

He was there for New York for four nights, and all his shows were sold. He was going to perform in Radio House, and it was his first time there. 

After that, John recalled the memory of going on vacation with his wife, Ana. He and his wife went to a farm in Connectital, and there he had a nervous breakdown. 

He reached his connection, and there he read the president's news in which it was written No talk with Korea

After seeing that, he got disturbed and to calm himself. He went on a walk with his dog. There he saw a gaggle of geese, and he ran towards them, and they all went away. After some time, when he again saw them and tried the same thing, they didn't go away. 

Instead, they stacked to the ground, and one of the geese opened its mouth. He returned home and told his wife about the incident. His wife said geese attack people, but he was unaware.


Ellen's birth date is not available. Her son John is 39 years old. 

Net worth

The source of income of Ellen is not available. But her son John's total estimated net worth is roughly $6 million as of 2021.

Net worth$6 Million
Income sourceComedian, Actor, Producer, and Writer 

John Mulaney's coffee joke

Ellen's son John has talked about his childhood impressions and the nature of people, which he finds funny to talk about, including his family members, especially his dad. He finds his father's nature to be funny. 

During his childhood, he had annoying emotions towards his father. He has described one moment for which his father nature could get judged. 

He discloses that his family, including him, was in the car when they saw McDonald's outside from the window and shouted the name willing to eat something. And his father stops the car to get one black coffee for him. 

The incident he described in a comedy way got so much attention that memes were made out of it. 

John has hosted the TV show "Saturday Live'' four times. His younger sister Clarie Mulaney is a writer, popular for her work on Saturday Night Live in 1975, and her recent work is in the TV show "Take My Wife.


Ellen's son John had started drinking alcohol from the early age of 13. He had been struggling to get out of drug addiction for a long period of time. 

He tied the knot with makeup artist Anna Marie Tendler on July 5, 2014, in New York. Their French bulldog Petunia is also quite famous as John had mentioned her name in his interview. 

Ellen Mulaney's son John Mulaney with his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler at their wedding
Ellen Mulaney's son John Mulaney with his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler at their wedding. Source: Green Wedding Shoes

He filed a divorce with Tendler that got finalized on July 23, and it is rumored that the reason for the divorce is his affair with actress Olivia Munn

It was reported that he had been in a rehabilitation center for cocaine abuse and alcoholism. 

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