Chloe Kourga

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Chloe Kourga

Chloe Kourga is the girlfriend of famous TikToker and social media star Tim Dessaint. Chloe herself is a fitness enthusiast and food blogger. 

She also posts about healthy recipes on Tim's YouTube. She is a fitness freak and does all exercise without going to the gym. She is from Paris.

She is active on Instagram

Relationship Status 

Chloe is in a relationship with Tim Dessaint. They began dating each other a couple of times ago. 

Tim's girlfriend Chloe looks very beautiful and fit. But she has never been in the gym and has been working out by herself at home. 

She also uses Tim's YouTube account so that she can share her healthy recipes with people. 

Tim and his girlfriend Chloe are very obsessed with each other, and they have been spotted spending a lot of time together. 

Tim feels lucky to have Chloe in his life as she surprised him with a helicopter ride on his birthday. 

Tim also got a chance to spend quality time with Chloe's family on Christmas. They both are happy together.

The couple hasn't shared that much photo in their respective social media account. They prefers to keep their personal life private.

Chloe Kourga with her boyfriend Tim Dessaint
Chloe Kourga with her boyfriend Tim Dessaint  Source: Instagram

About Tim Dessaint

Tim is a TikToker and social media star born in January 1994. He is also the content creator and influencer of men's fashion. 

He has gained fame due to his content related to fashion wear, lifestyle, and many other things. 

He has many followers on his social media account. His content has also gained millions of views. 

For good content, he does all the editing acting shooting by himself. 

He has learned to make very good videos to receive love from the audience and draw their attention.


Tim Dessaint
Tim Dessaint  Source: Instagram 

Tim Regrets His Past Habit

Tim had posted a video on his YouTube where he has talked about some of his past things, and he opened up him regretting it. 

Tim thinks that every human should focus on the four most important things: health, relationship, career, and finance. 

He has now earned too much fame just by making content. But he regrets that why he hadn't started earlier before. 

When he was in his teens, he had a lot of free time, and he regretted that he wasted those times just doing nothing. 

He feels sad thinking about why he hadn't come up with this idea back in his free time. If he had started earlier, then he would have earned more than now. 

He wants people not to repeat those mistakes, so he made that video and talked about it. 

He told people to start it now as it's never too late to do anything.

That video Habit I regret not starting sooner in my 20s, got 55k views and 30k likes on his YouTube channel.

Is Tim Wasting Too Much Money On The Shoe?

Tim is a shoe lover, and he is very obsessed with shoes. He hardly spent his money on clothes and other stuff, but whenever it comes to shoes, he doesn't think even once before spending a huge amount on them.

He talked about a boot in his video, and that's his favorite. He can easily wear it with his any of the outfits, so he loves it. 

He can wear that shoe with simple hoodie pants and also with elegant outfits too. 

That boot cost him a lot of money, but he thinks that it's worth it as it goes with every outfit. He finds it a good investment.


She might be in her early 20s while her boyfriend is 26 years old.  

Net Worth 

The net worth of her boyfriend Tim is still under review. His social income is as a content creator in social media. 

The average income of content creators is $73,500 per year. 

Tim Did A Very Unusual Thing

Tim is well known for his content related to fashion. He had very long hair previously. 

He also shared a video in which he had gone to the hairdresser and chopped his long hair. 

He never thought of cutting his hair ever in his life. But on that day, he felt like doing it. 

He finally decided to cut and got up and dressed. He went to the hairdresser and chopped off his long hair. 

He was quite nervous at the beginning, but anyway, he chopped it.

Chloe in Yoga pose
Chloe in Yoga pose   Source: Instagram 

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