Tim Dessaint

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Tim Dessaint

Tim Dessaint is a social media influencer who is famous for his fashion tips and clothing style.

About Tim Dessaint

Tim is a France citizen of Japanese descent. He currently lives in Australia

He is famous in social media for his dressing styles and fashion sense. He advises on men's style and clothing.

His videos are so popular that when he posted his first video on YouTube, within less than five-month, his video went viral and crossed 1 million views.

He got more popular after his TikTok videos, where he shared different styling tips. 

He has 1.1 million followers on TikTok, 175k followers on Instagram, and 326k subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from men's style, he is also passionate about photography and videography, which can be seen in his Instagram post. 

He is seen posting pictures of random strangers of whose picture he took. And also, for a couple of years, Tim was a hip hop dancer.

Who is Tim Dessaint dating?

Tim has charmed many girls with his great sense of style and a genuine sense of confidence. He has many female followers, which is in huge numbers. 

But Tim is taken, and he has a girlfriend. He is dating a girl named Chloe Kourga, who is a fitness enthusiast. 

Chloe also has a YouTube channel where she teaches to make healthy recipes. 

Tim Dessaint with his girlfriend, Chloe Kourga in Paris.
Tim Dessaint with his girlfriend, Chloe Kourga in Paris. Source: Instagram

Also, on Instagram, she posts about recipes, and she has also posted a few pictures of herself working out. 

She looks fit, and she does exercise herself and does not go to the gym.

The details about when and where the couple met and how their love affair started are not available. But they seem to have been dating for quite a sometime now.

Moments with his girlfriend

Tim loves spending time with his girlfriend. On his 25th birthday, Chloe took Tim on his first-ever helicopter ride. 

He was super thrilled and excited, and had an unforgettable birthday.

Below you can see the image of Tim's 25th birthday, which he shared on his Instagram captioned as 

"You know you're a lucky guy when your girlfriend brings you on your first ever helicopter ride for your birthday…."

Tim Dessaint with his girlfriend, Chloe Kourga.
Tim Dessaint with his girlfriend, Chloe Kourga. Source: Instagram

Tim also celebrated Christmas of 2019 with his girlfriend's family on Paris, France

The couple seems to be in a serious relationship as they have already met each other family.

Net Worth

The details about Tim's net worth is not available. But he earns a decent income from different advertisements and sponsorship. 

Seeing his popularity growing on social media platforms, his wealth is likely to grow in the future.

Below is the list of highest-paid social media influencers.

S.N.NameEarning per Sponsored Instagram post
1Kylie Jenner$1 million
2Ariana Grande$1 million
3Cristiano Ronaldo$975,000
4Kim Kardashian-West$910,000
5Selena Gomez$900,000

Tim Dessaint Tattoos

Tim loves tattoos, and he also has got tattooed himself on different parts of his body. Sometimes he likes to flaunt his tattoos and post pictures flaunting it. 

He has tattoos on his arms, back, and slightly above his waist. The picture of his tattoo can be seen below.

Tim Dessaint flaunting his tattoos.
Tim Dessaint flaunting his tattoos. Source: Instagram

Tim Dessaint Height

Tim seems to have below-average height. Tim has said that while growing up, he was very insecure about his height. 

But hip hop dancing and men's style were the primary sources of confidence for him. Despite his height, Tim is very comfortable on his skin. 

He flaunts his short height with confidence and is not bothered by it. The exact measurement of his height is not available.


Tim was born in the year 1994 in France. He celebrates his birthday on January, which makes him 26 years of age as of 2020.

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