Who Is Christopher B. Pearman? Father Of Raven-Symone

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Who Is Christopher B. Pearman? Father Of Raven-Symone

Christopher B. Pearman is the father of actress and singer Raven Symone. He was his daughter's manager when she was a child actor. He worked in the media industry for a very long period. 

He also directed some episodes of That's So Raven in the early 2000s

He is also a producer, motivational speaker, and author. He was married to Lydia Gaulden

They had two kids together. 

Christopher B. Pearman with his wife and their daughter.
Christopher B. Pearman with his wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Christopher's Son Died At The Age Of 31

Christopher has a son and daughter from his marriage with Lydia

His name was Blaize Pearman. Blaize was six years younger than his sister Raven

Christopher's daughter Raven announced the death of her brother in her Instagram.

She revealed her brother died at the age of 31 after a colon cancer diagnosis. 

On her 38th birthday, she addressed her brother's passing. 

She shared he had been battling cancer for two years, and now he was at peace. 


His daughter, Raven, is 38 years old

Net Worth

His daughter, Raven's net worth is estimated at $40 million

Christopher B. Pearman with his daughter, Raven Symone.
Christopher B. Pearman with his daughter, Raven Symone. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Married Life

Raven came out as a lesbian publicly back in 2013. She met her wife at a gay bar in West Hollywood in 2015

They kept their love affair away from the spotlight for five years. Raven tied the knot with Miranda in 2020

Her spouse is a media manager. 

Raven Knew About Her Queerness When She Was On That's So Raven

Raven was on the television teen sitcom That's So Raven, which aired in 2003.

She revealed that then, she was more aware of her queerness, though she was in a relationship with a guy. 

She shared that she used to tell her ex-boyfriend that she had to have a girlfriend if they ever got married. 

She said her parents were unaware of it, but her friends knew. 

She said it was never an issue because when she came out as gay publicly, everyone was okay with that. 

Raven Talked About The Cheetah Girls

Raven was part of a group called The Cheetah Girls with Adrienne Bailon-Haughton, Kelly Williams, and Sabrina Bryan

The group was made by Disney in 2003

She shared it was a great experience being in that group and movie as they were in a group formation and did not have to lead.

Before that she has never worked with a girl cast. 

She mentioned she loved music and performing with them, and that experience made her confident. 

She said playing a young, powerful woman in that movie was an honor. 

Raven Came Out As Lesbian

Raven talked about coming out publicly. In 2023, Raven tweeted on her Twitter account and openly came out as lesbian. 

She shared that she and her girlfriend Miranda were hungry and went up the street to Louisiana friend Chicken

She was watching YouTube, and her wife just tweeted it casually. 

She didn't say anything to her and wanted to see what would happen next. 

She got her chicken and ate it, and after some time, her phone rang continuously. 

She shared that when she was doing her sister's act on Broadway, a man named Demond Green sat her down and encouraged her to come out openly to the world. 

She said that man grew up watching her, and she was his role model, but she didn’t like that conversation with him at that time. 

But later, she thanked Demond as he gave her the courage to do it. 

She said after coming out, the LGBTQ community thanked her, and they showered her with love and got so many comments and conversations. 

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