Who Is Lydia Gaulden? Mother Of Raven-Symone

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Who Is Lydia Gaulden? Mother Of Raven-Symone

Lydia Gaulden is the mother of Raven Symone, who is an American actress and singer. She is married to Christopher B. Pearman.

Lydia Gaulden with her husband and daughter.
Lydia Gaulden with her husband and daughter. Source: People

Lydia's Son, Blaize Pearman, Died At The Age Of 31

Lydia has a daughter, Raven, and a son, Blaize, from her husband, Christopher B.

Her daughter, Raven, is the actress from Raven’s Home

She recently celebrated her 38th birthday but shared a bittersweet message as she lost her brother, Blaize Pearman, at the age of 31 due to colon cancer. 

They were six years apart in age, both being born in December. Even though Blaize was not famous like Raven, he still went with her to important events. 

They were together at Helping Hands events in 1992 and walked the red carpet hand in hand at the premiere of Raven’s movie Dr. Dolittle 2 in 2001

In 2002, Blaize and their mother joined Raven at the NAACP Image Awards

They were a close-knit family supporting each other at various gatherings and celebrations. 

Blaize used to share pictures on Instagram showing their close relationship, like a fun birthday post in 2019

Sadly, Raven revealed in December 2023 that Blazie had been fighting colon cancer for two years and passed away right before his 32nd birthday on December 16

In a video message, Raven expressed her love for her late brother, thanked her caring family and friends, and mentioned that they would keep celebrating Blaize's birthday in his memory. 

Lydia Gaulden's daughter, Raven Symone.
Lydia Gaulden's daughter, Raven Symone. Source: Pinterest


Lydia is 64 years old in 2023

Net Worth

Lydia's daughter Raven's net worth is about $40 million.

Raven Talks About Her Sexuality 

Raven looks back on her career and personal growth. 

She talks about her early achievements, like her first album and being part of The Cheetah Girl and Kim Possible.

Raven discusses the challenges of being true to herself in a society with expectations. 

While she was aware of her queerness, she didn’t express it publicly initially. 

She understands the influence of Mary J Blige, Madonna, and Micheal Jackson on her early work. 

As a queer woman in the entertainment industry, she shared her love for performing and acting. 

She credits Auntie Whipand, who described her as an encouraging and somewhat psychic influence on her career choices. 

She opens up about an undesired outing of her sexuality, feeling betrayed by someone she trusted. 

Despite all the difficulties, she values her journey's positive impact on others and how it has empowered her to be authentic. 

She also mentioned her earlier career identity comments and advice about her future autobiography. 

Raven talked about meeting her wife at Karaoke and discovering commonalities. 

They quickly fall in love during the lockdown. She explores her sexuality during this time without external pressures. 

As a host on  The View, she reflects on how the job influenced her identity, surrounded by people who acknowledge and accept her queerness. 

She is married to Miranda Maday

Lydia Is A Supportive Mother

Raven's parents are Lydia and Christopher

They have been supportive of her acting dream since she was a child. 

Raven is known for her role on Disney Channel’s That's So Raven

She expressed her desire to be an actress at just two years old while watching The Cosby Show

Her parents took her to a top agency in Atlanta, where she was signed the same day.  

Raven credits her parents for supporting her dream. 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she mentioned that her parents taught her to keep her private life private. 

Lydia and Christopher have two children, Raven Symone and Blaize Pearman. Blaize Pearman recently died. 

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