Who Is Christopher Fox? Brother Of Julia Fox

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Who Is Christopher Fox? Brother Of Julia Fox

Christopher Fox is the brother of Julia Fox, who is an Italian-American actress. 

About Christopher Family

Christopher was born to an Italian mother and an American father. He has a sister Julia Fox.

Julia was previously married to Peter Artemiev but later got separated.

He grew up in Milan, Italy, with his family. They were poor growing up and did not have a facilitated life. 

Christopher Fox's father.
Christopher Fox's father. Source: Dailymail

About Sister Julia 

Julia was born on 2 February 1990 in Milan, Italy. She was born to Samuel Fox and Ann Darwin. She is an actress and a model. 

She debuted in the 2019 film Uncut Gems and gained popularity from it. 

While growing up, she lived in a one-bed apartment in Italy. However, she said she never felt poor, and life was not hectic. 

She moved to New York City with her father when she was six. Then she again moved back to Italy when she was 14 years old

She struggled in her life by working in a pastry, ice cream, and shoe store. 

Christopher Fox's sister Julia Fox.
Christopher Fox's sister Julia Fox. Source: Instagram

In 2015, she worked for Playboy as a model for the nude edition. Later on, she started acting in several movies and got her big breakthrough in Uncut Gems.


As an underrated and lowkey person, Christopher's birth date is not public. But he is 30 years old and younger than Julia.

Net Worth 

Christopher's sister Julia's net worth is about $30 Million. 

Christopher And His Father Got Arrested

Christopher and his father, Thomas Fox, got arrested in a drug, gun, and incendiary raid at their Manhattan apartment.

Cops found ghost guns and materials used to manufacture drugs in their apartments. 

When cops raided their apartment on Wednesday, they find out various kinds of illegal, dangerous stuff like weapons without serial numbers, chemicals like chloroform, heroin, and formaldehyde, the materials used for the explosion, and thousands of bottles of wine. 

And unidentified pills and 3D printers were also spotted there. They were arrested and taken into custody with charges.

Though there were no links and connections towards terrorism, the father and son had no criminal records in the past. 

Christopher is still under custody.

Christopher is known for being a “mad scientist” in Uncut Gems. He looked a bit scrappy in his mugshot with an unshaven beard and hair. 

Though Thomas Fox has no criminal record, he has not been charged. 

Julia Talked About Her Father And Brother

Christopher is a kind man who wouldn’t even hurt a fly said by his relatives and his sister Julia

Julia cut her ties with her brother and father years ago. She indicates her father, Thomas, as “insane.” 

Julia said her father was unstable, abusive, and unhinged toward her and her brother. 

She previously knew about her father and brother being involved in drugs and 3D printing. But now she does not know about it because she has not contacted them in years.  

She also said her father is insane and had given the emotional trauma she has to live with forever. 

She even said he would get caught someday for his disgusting behavior, and she is glad he got caught and harmed no others. 

Julia Dating Rumours With Kanye 

Kanye West is a famous singer-rapper, the ex-husband of a renowned businesswoman and model, Kim Kardashian.

After Kanye and Kim's separation, rumors spread that Julia and Kanye were dating. 

When Julia and Kanye were spotted together in 2022, they blew up the internet about their dating news.  

They walked the red carpet together with matching denim outfits at the Kenzo Show

Kanye celebrated Julia's 32nd birthday. But the romance did not last for long. They broke up after dating for a few months. 

Julia Fox and Kanye West.
Julia Fox and Kanye West. Source: Pinterest

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