Peter Artemiev

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Peter Artemiev

Peter Artemiev is the ex-husband of Italian-American actress and filmmaker Julia Fox

Peter himself is a private pilot. He has a son with Julia Fox. He belongs to the white ethnicity. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Peter Artemiev ex-wife Julia Fox and baby
Peter Artemiev ex-wife Julia Fox and baby Source: Instagram

Married Life Julia Fox 

Julia was previously married to Peter Artemiev, a private pilot. The couple married back in 2018. They have a son together. 

They were married for only 2 years, and later, they ended their marriage. 

Julia and Peter had many issues as Peter couldn't be a responsible man. Because of all that things, Julia divorced her husband in 2020.

Peter Artemiev with his son
Peter Artemiev with his son Source: Instagram

Who Is Julia Dating Now?

As of 2022, Julia is currently in a relationship with Kanye West, a famous rapper. They both started dating currently. 

On January 1st, they were seen together in Miami, spending a good time with each other. 

They are very supportive of each other and are enjoying their new relationship.

Julia Fox posing in her photoshoot
Julia Fox posing in her photoshoot Source: Instagram

About Julia Fox 

Julia is an Italian-American actress and filmmaker born in 1989 or 1990. She was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Her parents are Ann Darwin and Samuel Fox. She has two brothers one of whose name is Christopher Fox.

Julia is well known for her role in the Uncut Gems movie. Before starting her acting career, she was a designer who successfully launched a women's knitwear line. 

She played her first-ever movie role in 2019 in Uncut Gems. Julia is a successful businesswoman as well as an actor.


Julia is 31-32 years. Her height is 1.7m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Julia is $30 Million. Her source of income comes as being an actress and filmmaker. 

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year.

Peter Artemiev Got Bashed Out By His Ex-Wife

Peter was married to a famous Italian American actress Julia. But they got divorced a time back. 

While leaving Peter, Julia bashed him hard and left. She revealed it on her social media. 

She did it because Peter was an alcoholic husband and an irresponsible father. She claimed that he is into drugs and alcohol and he abandoned her and their son.

Being a private pilot, he was too irresponsible. Julia doesn't want her son to feel his father is missing out on his life. 

Peter denied all the accusations made by Julia.

Julia Fox Was A Sex Worker

Julia revealed in a magazine that she was once a sex worker. 

She used to work as a sex worker when she was in her teenage. She was searching for a job back then when she saw a prostitute ad on social media. 

The ad said no sex and no nudity. She applied for the job. She had to seduce people in a dominating way. 

She had to dress like them and act like them. She had to be what the client wanted. She learned to be mature from that job.

Julia Fox Was A Drug Addict

Julia was just seventeen when she was into drugs. She had the same type of friend circle and company. 

They all used to take drugs every time and were always down for it. But eventually, Julia became clean. 

She is surprised that she could stay away from drugs as her then friends are still on the addiction. 

Moreover, some are in jail, and some have already died. 

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