Who Is Clare Bergman? Daughter Of Peter Bergman

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Clare Bergman is the daughter of Peter Bergman, an American actor. Her mom is Mariellen Bergman

She has a brother named Connor Bergman.

Clare Bergman with her parents and brother.
Clare Bergman with her parents and brother. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Peter is married to his wife, Mariellen. They have an extraordinary love story. They met on a blind date and fell in love. 

After that, they got married in 1985. Mariellen supported him when he was going through tough times in his career. 

The couple has two kids who look a lot like Peter. They have faced challenges together, like Peter's health scare in 2016

Parents of Clare Bergman.
Parents of Clare Bergman. Source: Pinterest

He is very grateful for Mariellen and says she is the reason why he can do what he loves. 

Peter is also a great dad to his kids, Conner and Clare. He was there at the birth of Clare, but he fainted because he couldn’t handle seeing blood. 

He is happy his kids look like him but wishes they had red hair like him and Mariellen

He talked about being a dad and said he is like Ward Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver, a TV show dad who sometimes doesn’t know what he is doing and relies on his wife for wisdom. 

Peter has a funny story about watching The Little Mermaid so many times that it drove him a bit crazy. 

But overall, he loves being a husband and a dad, and his family is essential. 


Clare is 33 years old as of 2023.

Net worth

Her father, Peter's net worth is about 10 million dollars

Peter Talked About Favourite Romantic Moments On The Show

Peter and Joshua Morrow are actors on a TV show. 

They talked about their favorite romantic and dramatic moments on the show. 

Peter remembered a scene where he had to wear black underwear on the edge of the set while the camera focused on his co-star. 

Joshua mentioned a memorable kiss with the actress Barbara Crampton.  Nikki and Joshua enjoying it when Jack loved Phyllis unexpectedly. 

They felt grateful to be part of the show’s 50th anniversary. Joshua also talked about a storyline where a character named Cassie died, which was a big deal for the show.

They both discuss intense fight scenes, with Joshua mentioning a fight stunt double that left them with some bruises. 

They also discussed romantic scenes with Joshua, saying Jessica Collins was a great kisser. 

They enjoy both the dramatic and physical parts of their roles on the show. 

Peter Struggled With His Eye Issues

Peter, who plays Jack on The Young and the Restless, had to take a break from the show because he had a problem with his eye. 

He noticed something was wrong with his vision while visiting his family in California, and it turned out he had a detached retina. 

This is a severe eye issue, and he needed surgery. 

His family helped him find a good eye surgeon in Los Angeles, and he had the surgery. But the recovery was tough. 

He had to keep his head in a particular position for a long time each day, and he couldn’t do things he liked, like exercise or read books. 

One of his co-stars, Mishael Morgan, had the same eye surgery before, and she helped him by sharing information about what to expect. 

Now Peter is back to work on the show and looking forward to some exciting things happening to his character, Jack

He is grateful that his eye problem got fixed, and he learned not to take his eyesight for granted. 

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