Who Is Mariellen Bergman? Wife Of Peter Bergman

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Who Is Mariellen Bergman? Wife Of Peter Bergman

Mariellen Bergman is the wife of actor Peter Bergman, an American actor. She got married to Peter in 1985

They have two kids, Connor Bergman and Clare Bergman.

Mariellen Bergman with her husband, Peter Bergman.
Mariellen Bergman with her husband, Peter Bergman. Source: Pinterest

Peter Recalled His Love Scenes In The Show The Young and the Restless

Peter said he had done a few passionate love scenes in his acting career. 

He said that he has come to an age where he is concerned about how he is shown on the screen. 

He shared that he shot a scene where he had to get out of bed and out of the frame. 

He shared he was 60-plus years old and was in black underwear on set, and the whole crew was watching him. 

He said he had many great kisses in the show, but the best one was with an actress on the show many years back. 

The actress with whom he shared a passionate kiss was Barbara Crampton

He revealed she grabbed him and kissed him, and at that time, his knees buckled. 

He said he kissed many actresses on the show, but no one was like Barbara, and it was a memorable kiss for him. 


Her husband Peter is 60 years old. He is 6 feet inch tall. He weighs around 79 kg

Net Worth

Her husband Peter's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Family of Mariellen Bergman.
Family of Mariellen Bergman. Source: Pinterest

Peter Talked About What Made Young And Restless Durable

Peter played the role of Jack Abbott in a television soap opera called The Young and the Restless, which aired in 1973

The drama was among the highest-rated daytime dramas for over three decades. 

The show has bagged 11 Emmy awards. Jack joined the show in 1989

The show celebrated its 50th broadcast anniversary in March this year. 

Peter said the six principal actors who were part of the show for 30 years were the reason behind the show's longevity. 

He added that the audience grew up with the characters and grew around with them in their living room. 

Peter Talked About How The Show Young And Restless Has Changed Over The Years

Peter shared that there has been a significant change in the show over the period. 

He said they sued to hand over any money to build sets as they used to love significant and large-scale sets. 

He mentioned the number of sets has increased over the years, but the scale of groups has gotten smaller. 

He said they could tell more stories with more sets and the show's writing is still the same, but the antique levels were easier to do before. 

He added the audience has become intelligent and demanding, so they cannot do silly things to impress them.

Peter Talked About Playing Jack Abbott 

Peter played Jack in the opera soap The Young and the Restless for many years. 

He said playing the same character for so long was quite a task, as he had to maintain integrity, honesty, and intelligence. 

He said he wanted his character to grow as the show evolved. 

He added he would have been so disappointed if the character Susan had returned to his life, and Jack's character would have been the same. 

He said his character has seen a lot of things in his life, so it was a must for Jack to evolve as a character. 

He shared he was true to his character and was always aware of the changes his character has gone through. 

He mentioned it was fun to play Jack, and his character learned empathy from the experiences he had.

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