Who Is Clare Herdman? Stunning Wife Of John Herdman

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Who Is Clare Herdman? Stunning Wife Of John Herdman

Clare Herdman is the wife of English professional football manager John Herdman

Her husband is currently the head coach of Canada men's national team. She has two children with her husband. 

She is a British citizen by her nationality. 

Clare Herdman with husband John Herdman and son
Clare Herdman with husband John Herdman and son Source: latestcelebarticles

Married life of Clare

Clare is married to her husband, John Herdman. 

The couple has been together since their childhood days, and now they are blessed with two beautiful children named Jay and Lilly. 

According to her husband, Clare has always been supporting to him and his career. 

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Age and Net Worth 

The age of Clare is unknown; however, her husband, John, is 47 years old. 

The Net worth of John is estimated to be $5 million dollars. His source of income is salary as a football manager. 

John changed the mentality of players

Canada may be one of the most successful countries in the world, but the football level of this country has been underrated. 

The manager of the Canadian national team, John, also sees the same thing, and he wants it to change. 

But this is a situation which is hard to change. Hence John started by changing the mentality of players. 

John believes that Canada can really win the World Cup, and he makes the players believe that fact and pours motivation into them. 

Korea being one of the underrated teams, reached the semi-finals. 

So John believes that his team can also reach the finals and win the trophy. 

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He thinks it’s just about luck, a way of playing and doing his best.

Greatness comes from being good

John held a seminar where he talked about being and doing great in life. 

He said that being great in life is everyone’s wish, but while going on the path of greatness, people forget the basic thing needed to be great, which is to be good. 

It is not hard to be a good person, but people tend to forget that. 

On the pitch as well, players perform and behave good, but outside the pitch, they are not good anymore. 

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He himself has lost in work and other stuff. He has not been good and fair to his family, as he has not managed any time for them. 

But it all has to change if one wants to have a great life. 

He also said that being good in front of people only is not sufficient, people should be good from the inside, and then greatness comes.

John didn’t give up?

John guided the Canadian National Women team for the 2012 Summer Olympics

Under his guidance, the team won the bronze medal playing against France. 

John revealed that nobody expected his team to win the medal, and everyone was surprised by the win. 

No one could believe they actually won because, in the semi-finals against the American team, the Canadian team was totally drained out. 

They almost lost their hope after such a bad defeat. 

In the match against France as well, John said that they were totally on the edge as France was really pushing for the goal. 

But John didn’t let the girls lose hope. He managed to hold the spirit of the team. 

And by their dedication, the team won the match.

John says everyone is a coach

John was first the coach of the New Zealand Women’s National Team, and in that country, no one actually looked at women’s football. 

Hence even though he lost a match, it was not a big deal, and no one was going to feel bad. 

But in Canada, Women’s football is a big deal, so he has to think a lot and do his best for the team. Also, he expressed that everyone is a coach. 

Because, one way or another, everyone is inspiring, guiding, and motivating one another.

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