Who Is Claude Deschamps? Stunning Wife Of Didier Deschamps

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Who Is Claude Deschamps? Stunning Wife Of Didier Deschamps

Claude Deschamps is the wife of Didier Deschamps, who is a former professional footballer and manager of the French national team. 

They tied the knot in 1989. They have been together ever since. The couple shares a son together named Dylan Deschamps

Family of Claude Deschamps.
Family of Claude Deschamps. Source: Instagram

Didier Won Best FIFA Men's Coach In 2018

After receiving the award, he thanked everyone for honoring him with such a prestigious award. 

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He thanked the President French federation, who trusted him and gave him the confidence to work better. 

He said that a coach is nothing without his players. 

He thanked all his players who have helped him to win titles, and also, it was because of them that he was receiving the Best Coach Award

He thanked his assistants and staff who have contributed to the team. 

At last, he added that he would like this trophy to share with his wife and son, who were always by his side through thick and thin. 

Claude Deschamps with her husband Didier Deschamps.
Claude Deschamps with her husband Didier Deschamps. Source: Pinterest


Her husband Didier is 53 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Didier's net worth is estimated to be $245 million. 

He is one of the highest-paid coaches for 2022, with estimated earnings of $82 million. 

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He has managed to earn this fortune from his several investments, properties, and endorsement deals. 

He owns several restaurants. He has also launched his Vodka brand, clothing line, and perfume business. 

Didier Shocked Everyone With His Incredible Physical Transformation

Didier made headlines when he was seen with his six packs abs in his vacation photos. 

On a French radio station, he said that he did a lot of core exercises. He said that he does his exercises for at least an hour a day. 

Didier revealed that he was always obsessed with his weight. 

He said he comes from a place that loves to eat and even joked that he gains weight just by reading the menu. 

He admitted he was a bit crazy as he used to weigh himself three times a day. Didier was not always fit. 

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When he was coaching Marseille in 2012, he gained 44 pounds. 

He said that as a coach, he has to go under a lot of pressure and stress. He didn’t have a break for himself. 

Thus he gained a lot of weight. After four years, he lost a lot of weight and got fit. Now he is in good shape and health. 

Didier Got His Teeth Fixed

In 2019 Didier went to a dentist and got his new teeth. 

Outside a radio station in Paris, he was seen clicking photos with the fans with his new set of teeth. 

He was all smiling in his perfect pearly white teeth. When he got his new teeth, many people made jokes about it. 

Didier was always mocked for his bad teeth. But it never affected him as he was never on social media. 

When he was asked about his new teeth, he was annoyed to answer that question. 

He clearly said that it was his private life and chose not to talk about it. 

He didn’t give any comments on why and how he decided to fix his teeth. 

He only said that he represents the French football federation's image which is very important to him. 

He spent around 12k dollars to 20k dollars for his new teeth. 

Facts About Didier

Didier was the youngest captain ever to win the Champions League. He never dreamt of becoming a footballer as he was passionate about rugby. 

He was nicknamed water carried by Eric Cantona. Didier has a successful managerial career with the French national team. 

He won World Cup both as a player and manager. 

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