Who Is Sarah Arnold? Stunning Wife Of Graham Arnold

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Who Is Sarah Arnold? Stunning Wife Of Graham Arnold

Sarah Arnold is the wife of Australian soccer manager and former football player Graham Arnold. 

Her husband is the manager of the Australian national football team. She has two daughters with her husband, Graham. 

She is currently living in Sydney, Australia, with her husband. She is an Australian citizen.

Sarah Arnold with her husband, Graham Arnold. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Sarah is married to her husband, Graham. They have been married for a very long time and have two daughters. 

Their eldest daughter's name is Elissa, and the youngest's name is Sarah

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Both of their daughters are happily married and are living their life with their own families.

Sarah Arnold's daughter Elissa and son-in-law.
Sarah Arnold's daughter Elissa and son-in-law. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Sarah's age and net worth are unknown; however, her husband, Graham is 59 years old. 

He has a net worth of $1 - $5 Million

Graham Attacked Mentally

Graham had indeed trained the Australian national team to its best and stabilized the team, which led them to the opportunity to play in the World Cup 2022

But in their qualifying journey, Graham not only played by statics and tactics but in one of the final matches, he played mentally, which brought a win to his team. 

In the last minutes of the match, Graham changed the goalkeeper, which kept the opposite team in confusion about his decision. 

They were unknown of the substituted goalkeeper, and while trying to figure out a way to score due to nervousness, Australia won the match. 

Graham’s mental strategy worked in the game.

Graham Is Proud Of His Team

Graham successfully pushed his team toward World Cup 2022, and it was a great journey for him and his team. 

But there were a lot of sacrifices and difficulties while playing for the qualifiers. 

Due to the pandemic from Coronavirus, the Australian national team was really scattered. Graham didn’t have their best men in the training. 

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Many were having a bad situation in their home and stills they managed to pick their time up and contribute to their country. 

Graham was really proud of his team because of the same reasons. 

He knew that the team was not at its best, but still, they managed to find hope and work hard. And their hard work did pay off.

Graham Wanted The Prime Minister To Give The Country Holiday

Australia won against Peru in such a close call. With a score of 5-4 in a penalty shootout, Graham’s team qualified for the World Cup 2022.

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It was the greatest achievement and historic day for the whole country and its fans. 

The coach of the team, Graham, was so much excited that he called out the PM of the country to give a public holiday to the fans so that they could celebrate their win for a day long. 

The PM of the country didn’t give a holiday to the fans, but he was happy enough to tell on national television to give some time off for the workers due to their lack of sleep while watching the match. 

The whole country was really proud of the national team and Graham.

Graham’s Family Was Really Offended

Graham was coaching Sydney FC back in the day, and in the match against Wanderers, Graham faced a really offensive situation. 

The fans of Wanderers were holding a banner where a man was sexually shown, pointing out to be Graham

Graham had been through these kinds of offensive comments and behavior many times, so it didn’t offend him much. 

But there were his daughters and wife who were really offended by the act. 

His daughters and wife never missed any matches, but after that incident, they were shamed to show up for any match. 

Graham also asked FIFA to look up the matter as it was very inappropriate. 

However, Graham was more focused on his next match and didn’t go deeply into this issue.

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