Who Is Connie Angland? Wife Of Billy Bob Thornton

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Who Is Connie Angland? Wife Of Billy Bob Thornton

Connie Angland is the wife of American actor Billy Bob Thornton. 

Connie herself is an actress and special effects artist by her profession. 

She has a daughter named Bella with her husband, Billy

She is an American citizen. 

Connie Angland's husband Billy Bob Thornton and their daughter Bella
Connie Angland's husband, Billy Bob Thornton, and their daughter Bella. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Connie is married to Billy. The couple started dating each other in 2003

They have a daughter named Bella together. 

After dating each other for more than a decade, the couple decided to marry. 

They happily tied the knot in 2014

Before marrying Connie, his partner thought that he wouldn't marry Connie because she felt that marriage didn't work for him but later changed his mind and married in Los Angeles.

Connie and her family are living in Los Angeles

Before Connie, Billy was married to Melissa Lee Gatlin but later separated.

He was also married to actress Toni Lawrence but they also separated.

Connie Angland with her husband Billy Bob Thornton
Connie Angland with her husband Billy Bob Thornton Source: People


Connie is 54 years old. Her height is 1.72m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Connie is $2 Million. Her source of income comes as being an actress and special effect artist. 

Bob Gets Kicked Out By His Wife 

Bob opened up about staying in a hotel after arguing with his wife in an interview. 

He said he brought a new house in Pacoima and started living there with his wife, Connie

While talking about that, he opened up that he goes and stays in Sunset Marquee whenever his wife kicks him out of his house. 

He said that he brought that house because his wife wanted him to stay at home, and the house he bought has a recording studio, so his wife thought it would be easy for her husband to go to the recording studio instead of driving along to Sunset Marques

He also revealed that he had been there 3 or 4 times which proved that he had been kicked out by his wife 3-4 times. 

Lost His Younger Brother 

Bob is a well-known actor, and he is very popular in the acting industry. 

In one of the interviews, Bob talked about his younger brother. 

He said that he had lost his younger brother, two years younger than him. 

His brother's death was surreal for him, and he said that his brother was very important to him. 

His brother died of heart disease, and after his death, everything changed in his life. 

Before his brother's death, he was a carefree guy who just enjoyed his life. 

He used to think that he had no responsibilities and lived to his fullest. But after his death, he lost his happiness. 

His brother's death made him suffer a lot, and it became hard for Bob to come over his brother's death.

Connie Angland's husband Billy Bob Thornton
Connie Angland's husband, Billy Bob Thornton Source: Instagram

Bob Was Stopped From Smoking And Drinking

Bob recalled one of the past incidents in an interview. 

It was back in the 2000s when Bob was shooting for a movie in New York City, and after his shot was finished, he went to an Iris Pub to have his lunch. 

He opened up that he was stopped from smoking by the bartenders working there. 

He got into the bar and tried to light up his cigarette when suddenly one of the bartenders came and stopped him from smoking, saying that he wasn't allowed to smoke there. 

He then went outside the pub's gate and tried to drink his beer and smoke, but he was stopped by a waitress and told that he wasn't even allowed to smoke and drink there too. 

Scared Of Flights

Billy talked about the things that scare him in a talk show. 

The interviewer asked him if he was scared of flying or not, and he said that he wasn't scared of flying, but the thing that scared him was a plane crash. 

He said that he had never flown over the ocean, but sometime back, he went to London to meet his partner, and at that time, he was scared because he thought that his flight would get crash while landing. 

He said he still gets scared of flights but still have to travel through it. 

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